PlayStation 4 Slim is Real and Here’s Its Unboxing Video

PlayStation 4 Slim was going to be one of the surprises at PlayStation Meeting. However, it got ruined for Sony as it was leaked weeks before its official reveal.

We first saw some images and many wondered if they were photoshopped. Thankfully, that was not the case as we now have confirmation that PS4 Slim is real. The video you see above is an unboxing for the PlayStation 4 Slim model.

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It is slightly smaller than the original PlayStation 4 model and almost is the size of PlayStation One. The controller is identical to the original as far as can tell in terms of its size. But there slight changes made to its finish and lights.

The console also comes with a full matte finish and touch functionality is  now replaced with buttons.

Price and other details are yet to shared but PlayStation Meeting will bring news. The event is set for September 7 where 3 new machines are expected to appear.

One of the them is PlayStation 4 Slim while the other two are PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Vita Trinity. We know a lot about PlayStation 4 Neo but Trinity is a complete mystery.

Also, we don’t know if PlayStation 4 Slim comes with any hardware boosts at all, similar to Xbox One S.

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