PlayStation 4 Shipped 6.4 Million Units in Three Months

If the third quarter of the fiscal year 2014 is any evidence, it looks like folks at Sony are having the time of their lives!

The company held an earnings call recently where tons of details were shared regarding their sales and forecasted sales for different segments of their business. Among the heaps of figures, we were able to figure out the massive number of PlayStation 4 consoles that they have managed to ship recently.

In the 90 days of the third quarter, they shipped a whopping 6.4 million PS4 consoles!

This compares to a decreased number of sales of PS3 which still managed to ship 1.1 million making the total a hefty 7.5 million! Of course these are not the number of consoles that they have actually sold, but it will still be a huge figure if you adjust it for that.

Other statistics shared b the company suggest that portable devices outdid PS3 by managing to ship 1.4 million units. We have also picked up their software sales figure which is 147 billion Yen as compared to their network sales of a 100 billion Yen.

These are not the only bits of interesting facts that have surfaced recently regarding Sony’s latest console. We had previously reported how it is a fact that gamers who own a PlayStation 4 spend 3.5 times more on their games than an average PC player does!

Before that, Sony delayed the release of PlayStation 4 in Mainland China due to various hurdles that arose between the Japan based company and the Chinese authorities.

In contrast to that, it was revealed by Sony in December that the console was selling big in their home country thanks to games like Dragon Quest Heroes.

Were you among the tons of people who bought the console in the given period of three months? Tell us what were the games that made you buy it, or did you choose it just because expect a better future with Sony?

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