Playstation 4 Sales Have Totaled More Than Five Million Just In Japan

The Playstation 4 has hit an enormous milestone in Japan, as Playstation 4 sales there have totaled more than five million. The pace that the console set for that is amazing, as it sold out even faster than the Playstation 3, its direct predecessor. The sales are also greater than the Wii U and Playstation Vita.

Both the Wii U and Playstation Vita failed to secure as many sales as their predecessors (the Vita being a Playstation 3-era attempt for Playstation to make a portable, handheld gaming platform, while the Wii U was a similar attempt for the Wii.)

While they each had successes, with Playstation Vita being home to the smash hit Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden games and the Wii U getting a new Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, they didn’t quite reach the sales numbers of the Wii and Playstation 3.

Playstation 4 sales went from zero to five million in just three and a half years, whereas it took the Playstation 3 four years to get to the same number, after releasing in 2006 and getting to five million in 2010.

As of April, total Playstation 4 sales have gone up to more than 55 million, and are likely well past that by now. Its closest competitor, the Xbox One, has consistently lagged behind ever since both consoles launched, totaling only around 28 million as of April. The fact that the Playstation also has had more exclusive titles that have gotten critical acclaim is also a factor.

The gap between the two consoles will likely widen with the release of a number of high-profile games that will be coming exclusively to the Playstation 4 in 2018. With a new God of War, Days Gone, and more, the Xbox One is likely going to fall behind even more than usual when it comes to sales in the next few years.