PlayStation 4 Price Will Drop in United States, Says Phil Spencer

Sony is yet to comment on this but according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, Sony will drop the price of PlayStation 4 in the United States.

Spencer made the statement in a recent interview:

I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price. When I think about the playbook they’ve used in the past, we feel good about the plans we have in place going forward in the holiday. If history tells, then we’ll see a price drop from them coming.

He further said that price competition is great for gamers.

It’s great for gamers when price competition happens. We saw that last holiday, and we saw crazy sales numbers on all of the consoles.

Sony is doing well in both Europe and North America and has already found solid ground at its current price. However, Sony was expected to announce a price drop in the west for a while now and I think it is about time the company does it.

On the other hand, Xbox One has already been discounted so it is unlikely Microsoft will shed more dollars off Xbox. This holiday season is going to be very interesting for fans and both of these companies.

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