PlayStation 4 Price Temporarily Drops in the UK, Available for £299.99

Sony has dropped the price for PlayStation 4 in the UK. However, the offer is only for a limited time and will end on April 28.

Well, this is a bit surprising to hear. Sony is doing really well with their PlayStation 4 in pretty much every market they released the console. So they don’t need to drop the price of their system right now, do they?

Still, considering the rise of fan interest in the Xbox One after a few price drops, Sony has decided to do the same. The company is going to sell the PlayStation 4 for £299.99 in the UK.

Don’t get too excited, the drop is only temporary and you will only be given a few days to grab a system at the aforementioned price. The offer will expire on April 28, so make a decision before then.

There is something else you should keep in mind. The limitation of this offer is not only for its duration, but it also extends to its availability.

If you want to get the PlayStation 4 for £299.99, you can only get one from Amazon, Argos, Very, Tesco and GAME. Oh and Amazon is actually selling the popular system at £289. So I guess Amazon is the more economical choice to buy Sony’s latest gaming hardware, or is it?

While Sony didn’t mention GameStopUK, the retailer actually has the best deal for you, even better than Amazon. If you visit GameStopUK, you can get the PlayStation 4 Little Big Planet 3 bundle for just £288.97.

Pick your retailer and grab the system to enjoy your favorite games, because according to Sony “This is for the Players.”

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