PlayStation 4 Is Already The Second Most Sold Home Console In History

At the end of last July, Sony revealed that PlayStation 4 had already sold more than 100 million consoles worldwide. Although the current generation is coming to an end and the sale of consoles is gradually decreasing, PlayStation 4 has just achieved another great achievement. Sony released its new financial report with hardware and software sales data.

Thanks to this, we know that PlayStation 4 has already sold 102.8 million units worldwide. While the number of consoles sold did not increase so much compared to other periods, PlayStation 4 is already the second best-selling home console of all time. This implies that it already exceeded the sales of Wii (101.63 million units) and the first PlayStation (102.49 million units).

It should be clarified that the above does not take into account the figures of portable consoles. That said, it should also be noted that PlayStation 4 is now only below PlayStation 2, which is still the best-selling console in history with more than 155 million units.

With this, Sony also achieved a record, as it owns the 3 best-selling home consoles in the industry. In addition, PlayStation 3 is below Wii, so Sony has 4 systems in the top 5 of best-selling consoles. Before the end of the generation, it seems difficult for PlayStation 4 to beat the huge PlayStation 2 record.

On the other hand, Sony modified its sales expectations for the remainder of the fiscal year. Thus, the company no longer expects to sell 15 million PlayStation 4 units, as it now seeks to sell 13.5 million consoles by March 31, 2020. The financial report also details that PlayStation Plus already has 36.9 million subscribers.

Its number of users grew 2.6 million compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year. Regarding software, it is noted that 61.3 million games were sold for PlayStation 4 in the second quarter of this fiscal year. This implies that there was a decrease of 13.8 million units compared to the 75.1 million games that were sold during the same period of the previous fiscal year.

Finally, Sony revealed that 37% of total sales recorded were digital downloads. All current figures in the report correspond to the data recorded until September 30.

In other news, as the end of the month is just around the corner, Sony decided it was time to reveal the games that subscribers will receive to PlayStation Plus at no additional charge in November 2019. One of them is the acclaimed Nioh.

Through a publication on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced the November lineup for PlayStation Plus. The list is headed by Nioh, a brutal action RPG in which you will travel to Japan from the Sengoku period to end the plans of a powerful sorcerer. If you like Dark Souls games, Nioh is a game you should try.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 will celebrate the end of the month of horror with more horror. What we mean is that the second PlayStation Plus game in November is Outlast 2. In it you will take the role of a journalist who is in a hostile rural community in search of his abducted wife. There he will have to face his troubled past and see the terrible actions of a dangerous cult.

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