Playstation 4 Holds over 50 Percent of the Worldwide Console Market

Now that Playstation 4 has more than a 50 perfect share of the console market, is it time to end the so-called "console wars" once and for all?

With the big three console companies releasing their earnings reports, it gives us a lot of insight into how successful they are doing. While Nintendo’s Wii U sits at the expected third, more interest is shown in just where Xbox One now sits and how much Playstation 4 is leading by.

In an article written on Arstechnica, they’ve done all the number crunching and examined the results, and as expected Sony’s console is doing very well. Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t fairing disastrously, but neither has it made any real progress (yet).

What this means in relation to which console is dominant the Playstation 4 now holds around a 50 percent share and this is growing. In many ways, this is no surprise, but neither is it game over for the Xbox One.

When it comes down to fans of the consoles, terms such as “The Console War” are used, and both Sony and Microsoft like to market this popularity war. In truth though a strong Xbox One and strong Playstation 4 is what will keep the games console industry strong.

So what do these results mean in the end? While Microsoft haven’t made a big jump, or even a sizable fall this is a positive result for them. Sony of course can have the biggest smile, as they know they now have over 50 percent share of the market.

Should the so-called console war end? The truth is it probably didn’t even have a chance to start. This generation’s top console right now is obviously Playstation 4, but Xbox One still has its fans. With the positive future that the console also has, it’ll be interesting to see how things will change. I doubt things will change too drastically between the two consoles in the near future, or even in this current generation.


What are your thoughts on these results? Let us know your opinion below.

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