Playstation 4 Firmware Update 5.00 Apparently Makes Homescreen Faster

Various beta testers of the new Playstation 4 firmware update 5.00 have reported that the update apparently has optimized the console’s homescreen, allowing it to move around faster in addition to all of the different features that have been added. The homescreen no longer stutters, and the rest of the console runs better too.

Playstation 4 firmware update 5.00 was supposed to not only fix issues with the Playstation 4, but also add in a number of new features and fixed old ones. For instance, Playstation overhauled the family management tab, making it easier to control what your kids are able to play and do on the console.

Along with that, the console now allows 1080p60fps streaming directly to Twitch, allowing you to more easily stream to any fans that you have. You can also now more easily manage your friends list, creating custom lists of friends of yours that play certain games, such as creating a custom list for friends that play Destiny.

Other things include notifications updates, messaging adjustments, improved Playstation VR support that will let you receive messages and more while you’re playing it, and more. Of course, it seems like a lot of people may care more about the fact that the console now runs better, even if all of the other adjustments are also pretty cool and handy, depending on what all you use your console for.

There’s no telling when Playstation 4 firmware update 5.00 will actually come out, since it’s still in beta testing, but hopefully Playstation will work out all the kinks and get it to us soon. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the firmware update, just follow this link to the official Playstation blog.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for any sort of news about when the new firmware update will become available to the wider public.