PlayStation 4 Crossplay Restriction Bashed by Fantasy Strike Developers

Sony has a policy of not allowing cross play in most cases on PlayStation. Fantasy Strike, a new fighter out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch doesn’t have full crossplay. This has lead to the developers bashing Sony on this in the game’s FAQ.

Sony’s crossplay strictness is a cause of much sorrow to gamers. Sony infamously doesn’t let there be crossplay for games on the PlayStation, except in cases such as Fortnite and Rocket League. Fantasy Strike developer Sirlin Games has had enough.

They published a damning infographic and why the game has cross-play shortcomings. This is more or less a destruction of Sony’s policy.

The official FAQ states that PS4 owners

“Can play with Steam players (but not Switch players, as per Sony’s restriction,” and “When you create a FantasyTag [cross-account] on PlayStation 4, you do not create a password, because Sony does not allow account data from other platforms to be used on PlayStation 4, and it does not allow your PlayStation 4 account data to be used on other platforms either.”

This means that not only is there restricted crossplay on PlayStation 4, you can’t play Fantasy Strike on other platforms by transferring the same date.

Hope for change in Sony’s Crossplay policy?

Sirlin doesn’t think Sony will change any time soon: “The only limitation on these things is Sony’s approval. If Sony changes their mind on these things, we will be happy and eager to support them. At this time, we are not allowed to do them though.”

But is that necessarily the case? We have recently heard the Call of Duty : Modern Warfare will have crossplay. If that works out, this would mean that one of the largest gaming franchises will have crossplay. Hopefully, after Sony sees the profits increase because of this move, it will apply it across the board.

However, we can’t ignore that the next era is mostly of exclusive games. We see that in the case of Epic Games and Steam, and PlayStation and Xbox, which means that Sony might want to focus more on promoting games that are exclusives.

Not allowing crossplay would aid that, since that way, more developers might be compelled to make the games exclusive to the platform.