PlayStation 4 Consoles, Games Sales are Faster Than PS2 in Asia!

Sony has shown off impressive PlayStation 4 hardware and games sales revealing the console is doing better than PS2 in Asia!

We have all referred to PlayStation 2 and that era as the golden period of Sony, but what if I told you that in two ways, PlayStation 4 is going much better than PlayStation 2?

Okay let me rephrase that, Sony has officially revealed that the hardware and software sales for their latest console are much faster and larger in Asia as compared to the good old PS2.

Representatives of the company showed off a graphical representation of the same at the press conference of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia during Tokyo Game Show 2015.

We have embedded the graph below where you can see the comparative sales of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 for hardware as well as games.

Of course they only showed off the statistics for Asia and it does not mean the same is true for the western markets. Also, PlayStation 2 still is the best selling console of all times because of the much longer life cycle it has.

Talking off, it will also be interesting to see which way does the trend go in the coming years for PlayStation 4.


Oh and did you see how the graph of PlayStation 3 shows the poorest figures? This clearly shows the misplaced launch of the console as compared to PS4 which was a much more timed launch.

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