Playground Games is Expanding, Give Us Fable 4 Please

Forza Horizon 4 developers are looking to grow their employees by hiring up to 400 more due to the tough upcoming challenges for Playground Games. A recent reveal discovered indicates that Playground Games is going to change the way they run things in the near future. The video game developers are suggested to hire new people and divide the company into the three divisions that they plan to work on for now.

This news came up after a Resetera forum user highlighted that Playground Games might be starting a new IP studio. A post on Twitter also evidently shows that something is surely cooking although the developers have not made any official announcement yet. We do hope that this extra force also goes on to develop the much awaited Fable 4.

“Playground Games Plans To Grow To 400 Employees.

They posted in LinkedIn over 100 jobs and if you go at their website there posted even more.

They want to create three studios division:
1. Forza Horizon Studio
2. Open World RPG Studio (NextGen Fable)
3. New IP Studio (Unknown)”

The key reason behind a hiring of this scale is implied at three separate projects. The first hundred out of the 400 jobs would be assigned to be dedicated towards the Forza Horizon games. The next 200 are possibly going to work on a new Fable title whereas the remaining hundred jobs would be required to work out perhaps a new title for Playground Games altogether.

As it has been suggested above, Playground Games have not just opened up their vacancies on LinkedIn and are looking to scale up their personnel to an even bigger size. If this growth comes off as expected, Playground Games would certainly become the second biggest studio in Microsoft. The first would still be the 343 industries which have 500 developers compared to the 400 targets of Forza Horizon 4 developers.

Playground Games was only recently acquired by Microsoft this year and perhaps they are enjoying the freedom that Microsoft has promised for their first-party studios without disturbing their objectives.

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