PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update Balances Map Rotation, Fixes Missing Buildings, and Death from Falling

In a blog post from the developers, Bluehole entertainment announced that they will be shutting down their servers for a couple of hours and will be using that time to release an update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

In the blog post, the developers sincerely apologized for the lag that had been plaguing the servers of the game for the past few days. The developers stated, quite rightly, that the smooth experience for their players is by far the first priority. They stated that there were quite a few problems that altogether contributed to the lag which is why it took a massive amount of time to solve the issue.

Bluehole will be running a few tests and will continue to further update the servers to completely fix the lag once and for all. But that is not all that came with the most recent update. One of them being that the ratio of the map selection will be equal between Erangel and Miramar.

Also, players can only view the replays of the game for 3 minutes after their death, so as to ensure that they can not send the position of their enemy to their teammates who survived.

Lastly, there were numerous other bug fixes which came with the update. Perhaps the biggest one was the fact that the buildings that sometimes ended up missing on the Miramar map. The other bug fixes can be read about in the blog post.

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