PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 10.2 Adds Gambling, Bug Fixes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may not be top dog in the battle royale genre anymore, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still being worked on. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 10.2 has been released on all of the game’s platforms today, bringing a number of needed fixes, new mechanics, and adjustments to the game.

Specifically, these adjustments include the addition of a new eSports event called PGI.S, along with a new reputation system, a new vehicle for players to drive, changes to the base gameplay, and of course some bug fixes.

PGI.S is a sort of gambling system where you can use voting tickets to vote on certain players during the PUBG Global Invitationals. If you pick a winner, you’ll get Esports Points that you can use to buy certain weapon skins, gear, and more for your character.

There’s also now a reputation system for the game. The reputation system, obviously, keeps track of how much of a jerk you are during games. While this won’t have a negative experience for you in the game, if you come off as too toxic your reputation rating may end up leaving you without a team.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 10.2 will also include an update to the Ranked mode; if you go into a match without a full team, you can leave within the first five minutes and not take a penalty to your ranking, which saves you from a game that you’ll be at a disadvantage in.

Next, we have the new vehicle, the Coupe RB. The Coupe RB has a top speed of 150 kilometers an hour, putting it only behind the motorcycle in terms of speed. It’s available on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok if you and one other player want to feel the need for speed.

You can download PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 10.2 and see what’s changed now, and if you want to see all of the rest of the patch notes, you can follow this link to the official site.