Players Have Found a New Way to Defeat Destiny 2 Raid Boss

We were actually waiting for this shortcut, that how to defeat Calus, The Leviathan raid’s final boss in Destiny 2. As it took hours and hours to just low a fraction of his health. But a team of players had finally done it, killed Destiny 2 raid boss Calus.

The main idea was given by Indica who also revealed many other features in Destiny 1 as well as Destiny 2. The team actually was able to defeat Calus without using the Plates that are used to boost damage phase in a fight by using just a small trick which we are about to tell you.

In order to defeat Calus, you must be in the Spirit Realm during the Skulls Phase. Just as the Skulls start to appear one of the players kills himself in the Throne Room purposely. When you do that more skulls will appear in the Spirit Realm where players will kill them to gather the Force of Will Buff. This right here is the most important thing that the team needs a great Force of Will Buff stored if you want to damage Calus properly.

There will come a time where Calus shield is knocked and before the Force of Will Buff runs out you need to target him at that time as he is vulnerable to damage. Indica and his team at that time shot Calus with Celestial Nighthawk-buffed Golden Gun and lowered his health. Also, note that you will be doing this a couple of times before he finally goes down.

You need to Stand on the Plates or The Force of Will Buff will disappear when all of the players return to the Throne Room.

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