Players Earns 1,691 PS4 Platinum Trophies To Get Himself a World Record

If you thought you are a hardcore gamer, Hakam Karim will make you rethink. The feat accomplished by this gamer has seen him earn a name in the Guinness World Records. Hakam’s numbers in the platinum trophies for PS4 are jaw-dropping.

This individual has a staggering amount of PS4 platinum trophies to his name. Better known with the alias “Hakoom” in the gaming community, he is a well-recognized trophy hunter.

Hakoom the most PS4 platinum trophies ever recorded in Guinness World Records. The total number of these PlayStation trophies is 1,691. Hakam Karim is the only individual to have reached such an achievement in the history of video games.

He had started to aim for the Guinness World Records once his number of platinum trophies PS4 grew. Not long ago when Hakoom started to get recognized for his expedition, he told Eurogamer:

As soon as I read about the PlayStation trophy patch, I was excited. I wanted to compete and be in the top 10 in the world. Once I broke into the top 10, I knew I could take the top spot because I was unlocking trophies at a very fast pace.

The spirit of giving up does not seem to show up in Hakoom at all. His words from a prior interview are clear evidence of his competitive spirit:

I have no limits when it comes to playing and earning trophies. I grind the hell out of the game until I am able to beat and Platinum it. Other users might feel ashamed to play many games because they are weak and have no spirit. They are afraid of what people will say about them. I do not pay attention to such things and that’s what makes top trophy hunters shine.

The tweet shows the man himself with his Guinness World Records certificate. One can only dream of so many platinum trophies PS4 that Hakoom’s achieved. When will we ever see a player achieving such a feat apart from the 7 records for PUBG?

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