Players Debate Black And White Screen Near Death In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

We previously reported about how the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Alpha would be live on PlayStation 4 from August 23rd. As promised, the alpha is live now and we have to say, it is very good. However, there’s a very existential question being debated now, about what should happen when you are close to death(in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)?

When your health falls below a certain limit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare your screen turns black and white. Some have said that this change from what previously was is very distracting and since you’re already close to death, a moment’s distraction can mean the difference between life and death.

Even though some players have said that they’re used to the black and white effect now, many still complain that it should be changed. They hope that this will be changed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s October launch.

In a post on the Modern Warfare subreddit, Infinity Ward listed feedback it’s working on. There’s a lot of welcome stuff in here. Highlights include audio footstep changes and an acknowledgment that enemy nameplate is sometimes visible behind cover and can make shooting at long distances a bit distracting. But there was also a note about the black and white:

“Black and White Screen At Low Health: In Gunfight, you only have one life and no health regeneration. If you’ve been hit and are at less than 25 health, your screen will flash black and white to visually show you that your life could end fairly quickly with another blow.”

This line on the black and white screen has confused players because all it does is explain how the black and white transition works. It doesn’t reveal Infinity Ward’s feeling on how it’s currently working, or the feedback from players.

However, an earlier comment from Infinity Ward on reddit suggested the black and white screen is something the developers can look into, so perhaps a change will be made in time for the launch of the game.

In the past, there would be blood smudges on the screen when the health was low but its saving grace was that it didn’t stay on the screen for so long. So, Activision, perhaps think about reducing the time that the black and white screen stays there?