You can Play Original Diablo with the Help of This HD Mod

Diablo series has always been among the best ones, but there are a lot of players that missed out on the fun of the original title due to the game’s issues with widescreen monitors and latest operating systems.

However, this will not cause you trouble anymore as the new mod called “Diablo 1 HD Mod” has been created which fixes the aforementioned issues and also brings in a lot of new stuff that will be enough for anyone who is willing to try out original Diablo title.

Following are the features that are brought into the game with this mod:

  • Increased resolution and support for panoramic screens
  • Fully integrated with new windows systems
  • Many user interface improvements
  • New hero classes Barbarian and Assassin
  • All quests which were missing from original game are now implemented
  • Four difficulty levels available in single player
  • New locations
  • New special and randomly generated bosses
  • New spells
  • New character skills
  • New item types and affixes
  • 204 unique items
  • 28 sets with 105 set items
  • 170 crafting recipes
  • Great number of minor gameplay changes

Anyone of you, who is looking to play Diablo 1, will not get a better opportunity then this one as you will be able to play it without any issues.

Those of you, who are interested in playing the game, should download this HD mod from here.

Do try out this Diablo 1 HD Mod and share your experience of the game with us in the comments below!

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