Platinum Uncharted 4 Trophy Holders are up for a Surprise from Sony

If you’re one of those trophy-hunting Playstation gamers that enjoys doing everything that there’s a reward for in a game, then Sony has a surprise for you. If you manage to Platinum Uncharted 4 (meaning to get every single trophy available in the game), Sony is going to be sending you an email with a sweet Uncharted 4 poster attached in recognition of your achievements.

Uncharted 4 has rapidly shot to the top of Sony’s sales ever since it released two weeks ago, and shows no real signs of slowing down. With the game, Naughty Dog Studios has put in a number of fun little game modes and trophies for players to have fun with, including multiple different filters for the game’s visuals, and more.

While a number of trophies necessary if you want to platinum Uncharted 4 are definitely difficult (beating the game on Crushing difficulty and beating it within six hours), there are still a number of little in-jokes in the game itself.

These sorts of trophies include “Best Score!” where you win the new high score in the game’s Crash Bandicoot eastern egg, and “Stage Fright”, a good-natured nod to Uncharted 4’s failure at E3 2015 where a glitch in the demo caused Nathan to remain still for 30 straight seconds. In order to get that achievement, you have to do the same.

Other trophies are quite fun, such as “I Accidentally All The Guns” which you get for using every gun in the game, “On Porpoise” where you get three dolphins to follow your boat, and “Still Got It!” where you hit every target in the attic scene.

After you do these and other trophy runs such as listening to every optional conversation, collecting all of the collectibles in the game, getting a certain number of headshots, and doing a certain number of other feats, Sony will send you an email containing the art in question in reward for your platinum Uncharted 4 trophy.