Platinum Games Wants To Create And Publish Its Own New IP, 70 Design Pitches Already Submitted

Platinum Games has developed a number of critically acclaimed titles such as Bayonetta, NieR Automata, and more, however, all of these games the studio developed were for other publishers and Platinum Games now wants to publish its own new IP according to the head of development and producer Atsushi Inaba.

Speaking with GameInformer, Atsushi Inaba noted that Platinum Games wants to create its own new IP and its own new game. He noted that the studio has developed new IPS for a number of publishers but now Platinum Games wants to shift its focus towards self-publishing its IPs.

One of the things Platinum is focused on is we’re looking into creating our own IP, creating our own game. Up until now, obviously we’ve worked on original IPs for a wide variety of publishers. We’ve also worked on other Hollywood IPs for other publishers as well. But we’re becoming more and more interested in the idea of self-publishing and doing our own title.

He further noted that there have already been 70 design pitches internally following they opened up to anyone who can pitch a game over a year ago.

He added that the studio can’t develop an AAA title with a budget of over $10 million because of being an independent studio and don’t want o go the indie route.

We can’t put together a AAA, $10 million-plus game, because we just don’t have that sort of cash as an independent developer. However, we don’t plan to go the indies route with just a few people on a team making a game, so it’ll be somewhere in the middle, looking at probably about 20 people on the staff making the game, so that’ll still be a healthy [size].

Currently, Platinum Games is working on new IPs and has assured that these new IPs will not suffer the fate of Scalebound.

Source: GameInformer

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