Platinum Games Partnership With Microsoft on Scalebound Is “Interesting”, Says Kamiya

Platinum Games is known for their over the top action in their video games, but they are taking things a little further with Scalebound. Platinum Games is developing Scalebound in partnership with Microsoft, and now the Hideki Kamiya has opened up about Platinum Games partnership with Microsoft.

Speaking with Venturebeat, Scalebound’s director Hideki Kamiya discussed Platinum Games partnership with Microsoft and how the company has supported them throughout the development of Scalebound. According to Hideki “Microsoft is big”, in terms of technological resources and can help achieve big things.

To put it in one word, Microsoft is big. They took a big bet on us to make a big game. But they have a ton of technology resources. They can do an enormous job supporting you and helping you make these big things.

He further said that partnership with Microsoft has been interesting, with the amount of resources they can make available for a big vision is impressive.

So as a partnership, that’s been really interesting. All that support and all the resources they can bring to bear to make a big vision come to life is very impressive. It allows a team to learn a lot from people they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to and grow in interesting ways.

Speaking of partnerships, Hideo Kojima has partnered with Sony for his upcoming game, Death Stranding. Recently Kojima admitted in an interview that the reason why he partnered with Sony was because Sony offered him their trust.

Recently, Hideki addressed the issue that fans are complaining about headphones that the protagonist always keeps on all the time and runs around while wearing them. According to Hideki this does not make any sense, as people themselves use these kinds of gadgets and walk around with them.

Scalebound is an open world action game, and will be available for Xbox One and PC.

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