Platform Game Ninja Pizza Girl Gets Short Gameplay Demo

Independent developer Disparity Games has released a short demo for Ninja Pizza Girl, the game with the best search engine potential in the world. It only holds two short levels, but give it a spin on your PC machine, as it’s pretty neat.

Ninja Pizza Girl is a side-scrolling platform title set in the near future, where skyscrapers make up the entirety of the human habitat. Amidst the many levels of this slightly neon world, there’s a little family-run shop that sells baked goods at a delivery timer of twenty minutes.

As a skilled ninja, it’s the daughter’s task to run towards the customer’s house and get them a fresh, warm pie before the time runs out. To do so, it will be required to hop over many obstacles, leap over platform gaps and duck over obstructing pipes.

Another gameplay element is added through the encounter of enemy ninjas that slam down the poor girl if she tries to pass them. This reduces the health meter, which is turned into a self-esteem system here.

Should Ninja Pizza Girl get knocked down completely, words of doubt will start surrounding the screen. It’s still possible to boost out of the funk with some willpower.

In the demo, it states that the game is in “pre-pre-pre-alpha,” but the core design works fluidly already and the open atmosphere makes a retry or two pretty easy. We’re not too sure about the developer’s following description though:

Ninja Pizza Girl is a level-based platform game that draws inspiration from “Mirror’s Edge” and the Sega 16-bit classic “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

It’s not that elaborate just yet, but maybe that is still to come, which is always positive. Until then, feel free to enjoy some highly functional platform action.

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