PlanetSide 2 Now Allows Purchase of All Weapon Attachments With Station Cash

The latest patch notes are successful in instilling more fear into players who now believe ever so strongly that PlanetSide 2 is just a notch away from going fully pay-to-win.

A couple of months ago Sony Online Entertainment made it possible for players to purchase scopes with Station Cash. At the time people protested the idea but SOE clarified that their decision would not make a huge change to the core gameplay experience.

The latest patch notes posted today though make it possible so that you can you Station Cash to purchase every weapon attachment available in the game.

“All infantry and MAX weapon attachments are now purchasable with Station Cash. Like the existing weapon optics, any attachment purchased with station cash will be unlocked account wide.”

Players can now go ahead to unlock whatever their wallet allows. The Laser Sight increases your gun accuracy, Compensators reduce gun recoil, Extended Mags for double ammunition, Suppressors for stealth take downs, different kinds of ammo for different situations, and more.

The PlanetSide 2 community has received the news with mixed opinions. A part feels that weapon attachments like scopes and suppressors don’t necessarily give you a big advantage. Then there’s the part who believe any advantage can prove vital if used right.

SOE has not revealed their intentions as to why they have done so. It’s possible that it’s a way to increase the revenue of the online title, so as to invest back in. Now if only they increased the rates at which you earn certs in-game. Currently that’s a real drag and why would you not opt to spend a bit to gain some good attachments for your gun.

Source PlanetSide 2

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