PlanetSide 2 Is Having Post-Release Issues, Developers Are Looking Into It

PlanetSide 2 came out just recently on PlayStation 4, but unfortunately the game suffers from a few notable issues. It’s nothing to be surprised about as the more and more games are experiencing post-release issues these days, so we should be used to it by now.

According to some reports, PlanetSide 2 is suffering from lag and character warps in addition to other problems. Developer DayBreak Games blamed this on the amount of players trying to log-in at once.

Director of Development Andy Sites said that some hardware and software related changes have been made and more are being considered.

Servers were down yesterday in both US and EU. However, the European servers are back online but no update is provided regarding servers in US.

If you’re from US, let us know how things are at your side.

Sites also acknowledged an issue with Battle Cash purchases from PSN. Players reported that the cash never showed-up in-game after purchasing from PS Store.

Since about mid-day, yesterday, we started observing an issue where purchases made in the PSN Store (both in the XMB and through the in-game marketplace) where purchased SKUs were not actually being granted to players. For example, I purchased 500 Battle Cash in the PSN Store, then returned to game and it never showed up on my BC balance. This sucks and is completely unacceptable. But I can tell you that once we fix it, any purchases you made that weren’t fulfilled, will be granted as soon as we resolve the problem.

The good news is that DayBreak is working hard to make sure any and all issues go away. For now, we can only be patient and wait for server updates to roll-out.

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