PlanetSide 2 Beginner’s Guide

The massive world of Planetside 2 can be an unwelcoming place for dwellers who explore it for the first time. If you are just starting the game, this PlanetSide 2 Beginner’s Guide will help you.

The colossal scaled conflicts don’t really play fair on freshmen, and because of that Planetside 2 tends to have a slightly large learning curve. However, it’s never too late to start an MMO, and it’s never too difficult to learn one, no matter how many veterans it incorporates.

PlanetSide 2 Beginner’s Guide

A good idea is to have a know-how of the game mechanics, classes, and general terminologies (and their function, of course) that you will come across in the massive game.

This guide will cover the essentials that should get you well-informed about various features in the game, making it relatively easier to jump into the unforgiving universe.


Your main aim in Planetside 2 is to bring bases and continents for your group. Each base is viewed on the map and can be brought up by Pressing MA. As far as Facilities are concerned, there are three types of facilities; small, medium and large.

Small Facilities have a single control point owned by a certain side which trigger a timer. Once that timer is completed, you’re in control of the facility as it switches to your side.

Just like the small facilities, medium facilities work the same. However, what makes them different is the possession of three control points, out of which at least two need to start the timer.

Large facilities have a lot to offer as they reward a significant number of bonuses to the group that is in control. Your Phalanx gun turrets are cooled down by Amp stations; which increases their usage, Biolabs take care of the health regeneration of every infantry, Tech plants are built to provide your group access to the main battle tank.

Other than that, Large facilities also have three smaller satellite facilities and capturing these facilities gives you full access to the biolab. Zotz Biolab, for example, has the satellite facilities “Zotz North Garden”, “Zotz Arboretum”, and “Zotz Agriculture Lab”.

General Tips

Before you enter the battlefield and start taking bullets in the chest unwillingly, it’s a good thing to know what you have to do. The game is territory-based, meaning that you have to assault enemy territories and capture them, and/or defend yours and prevent capture.

Of course, it’s much more complicated than just sprinting into the enemy territory and expecting a win. Based on your team’s situations and where you are, you will be giving a list of objectives that you and a set of other members.

There are obviously further complications involved in the core purpose of the game, but seeing it from the broadest and most general view possible, the raw and ultimate objective in the game is world domination.

Of course, that requires more than just on-foot soldiers, and that’s why you have a large variety of different vehicles to work with.

Now, let’s go slightly deeper, and have a look at the classes in the game.


There are six classes in Planetside 2, each with descriptions below:

Combat Medic
It’s quite obvious what a Medic does, but many-a-times the class’s importance is overlooked. The Combat Medic is super-essential, because he/she has the ability to use science and technology to cure wounded soldiers and replenish health with the ever-trusty Nanites.

Along with these, the Medic possesses a unique set of gadgets that further empower him with the shamanic skill of healing.

These include grenades that revive all enemies within their ‘explosion’ radius, a kit that gives an aura of regeneration around the Medic, and an Aegis shield to absorb bullets and heal those protected by it.

The master of metal and technology, the engineer is the handyman that a heavy tank or bird in the air would want by its side.

Having the capability to repair damaged vehicles, the presence of this class is ever-necessary to keep vehicle warfare and the heavy-hitting MAX combatants up and healthy for your faction.

The Engineer also has a few nifty tools that give you utility, such as the ammo-supplying box from the ACE Tool, a stationary turret that can be operated, and a highly effective shield.

The Infiltrator is a versatile class that can either sit back and take out exposed targets a mile away or stealthily infiltrate enemy territory and sabotage their equipment, hence crippling their resources.

The infiltrator may be a relatively slower class to play, but their effectiveness and illusiveness can combine to really destroy enemies, whether behind the scope or hacking enemy terminals.

Sprint Key is necessary when sniping infiltrators as they’ll stabilize the weapons to snipe. Well, unless they use the Terran 99SV, the Conglomerate’s Gauss SPR, or the Vanu’s VA39 Spectre with the Ballistic Computer attachment.

Light Assault
The Light Assault is the flanker of the team, taking the unseen route and playing a vital role in indirect combat.

To accompany this unique trait, the Light Assaulter enjoys much more agility and speed than the others, and can utilize these natural skills to move around battle extremely fast and target even the smallest gaps in enemy defenses.

Mostly Light Assaults use SMG’s/shotguns for close range attacks and Carbines for long range attacks. Also, the Rocklet Rifle is used as a light anti-armour weapon that goes well against low-altitude adversaries.

Heavy Assault
The Heavy Assaulter is the exact opposite of the Light Assault as its armed with a light machine gun having high capacity but, it takes a lot of time to reload.

The Heavy Assaulter makes up for his/her speed and ability deficiencies by having the capability to kill everything.

Instead of assault rifles, the class uses a Heavy Machine Gun, along with a deadly Rocket Launcher, and also a super-effective Shield Booster.

This allows the class to be either in the front lines, or to completely eliminate a group of isolated enemies with a painful surprise.

Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (MAX)
Heavy, slow, and ridiculously devastating, the MAX is an exo-suit wearer with the strength of a tank in his/her hands.

Though the class has no personal shield, the thick metal armor does most of the bullet-stopping work and keeps him/her alive. The Engineer seems to be the class’s best friend, as it is the only class that can repair the suit.

In short, the MAX is the combat-focused close-to-mid ranged missing link between man and tank.

There are different types of weapons that can be bought for the MAX, it can be real money or free currency. MAX has a default charged ability that exchanges the attacking ability for speed (temporarily)


Resources is the name for a various set of things, such as fuel, ammo, consumable items, and currency. Resources are gained every five minutes, relative to the ownership over the entire battlefield.

Additionally, bonus resources are gained in small increments when you score points. The Resource you gain from score is related to the region you are occupying at the time.

There are four types of resources:

Polymers – Required to spawn light-weight vehicles and to purchase Claymores and C4.

Catalysts – Required for heavy combat vehicles and gadgets like Anti-tank Mines.

Alloys – Required for personal Flash ATV, transport vehicles, and conventional items like grenades.

Auraxium – A rare and precious material that can be used to purchase new equipment and weapons.

Supply Lines
Supply Lines are routes through which Resources are gained and how they function. Basically, these are made by connecting captured Hex to your Warp Gate.

Capturing an unconnected region will not give you a supply line, and hence no resources. Thus, it is essential to make sure to capture methodically to get resources from the region captured.

Influence is a factor that determines your domination, superiority, and/or presence in a region. Each adjacent Hex Region touching another region asserts Influence.

The influence is indicated by a bar on top of the capture window on the left part of the HUD. 75% of the capture bar filled will indicate 100% influence.

Influence is extremely essential in gaining superiority over enemies other than from fighting. Thus, you may be losing in combat, but might have the edge because of larger influence.

Base Systems and Terminals

There are various control consoles that can be found in the each Region. Some regions have only one, while others may have multiple. Standing next to the console will allow you to take over it; the more you own, the faster your faction will capture the Region.

You can tell the ownership of the console by the icon. A green square indicates that it is owned by your faction. If it starts to blink, it means that an enemy is attempting to capture it. A diamond shape indicates it is already owned by another faction.

In addition to consoles, there are Spawn Generators and Shield Generators in Facilities and smaller Regions. The Spawn Generator has a silhouette of soldier surrounded by a triangle, while the Shield Generator has a grid-filled hexagon is the icon.

The Spawn Generator is responsible for spawning soldiers of the faction that occupies the Facility. If destroyed, the faction’s soldiers will be unable to spawn there.

The Shield Generator is responsible for the energy shields that block enemies from the entrances to the Facility. If destroyed, these shields are shutdown.

There are two types of terminals: Vehicle Terminals and Supply Terminals.

Vehicle Terminals, indicated by a vehicle within brackets, is where you can spawn the vehicle that is in the brackets of the icon.

The Supply Terminals, indicated by a pistol within brackets, is where the player can change, resupply, and/or customize his infantry class.


There are various types of vehicles in the game, ranging from air interceptors to ground rides to colossal transport ships and buses. They’re all discussed below:

A super-lightweight, cheap and disposable vehicle, the Flash is just a personal ride that serves the purpose of getting to a desired place faster. It has little to no defense, and can be destroyed within seconds, even by an infantry enemy unit.

Of course, you could spend some Auraxium on it to stick a gun in the front, but that won’t make it any more durable.

When you want some punch, and some speed, you should ‘ride the lightning’ (pun intended). This mini-tank is a one-man show the can be outfitted with a few different primary turrets that change its role.

Of the multiple upgrades that you can give this baby, the best one is the Skyguard anti-air turret, which can make this ride be one hell of a threat for those in the air.

It’s fun, it’s fast, and though it make lack the fire-power of a full-on tank, it can come in quite handy in the battlefield.

Main Battle Tanks
These are of three types, each one for a specific faction: Prowler, Vanguard, and the Magrider. All three of these come with a secondary gunner turret, and all three of these come with the power required for destroying just about everything.

Each faction’s tank has a slightly different type of handling and special attributes.

The TR Prowler has a fantastic Siege Mode which can increase its rate of fire and give a ranged edge to the faction.

The NC Vanguard is a strong tank with a lot of defense, making it really durable and a forced to be reckoned with.

The VS Magrider is a unique tank with hoverjets that allow increased mobility and the ability to go to otherwise difficult-to-climb terrain.

Transport Vehicles
The two main transport vehicles in the game are the Sunderer and the Galaxy.

The Galaxy is a massive airship that can hold one dozen soldiers and has various multiple turrets attached to it. It also has the ability to land and act as a spawn point for soldiers.

The Sundered is a land transport vehicle that can also act as a vehicle support station, giving a repair and resupply field for friendly armor and aerial allies.

Aerial Fighters
These include the TR Mosquito, NC Reaver, and the VS Scythe. These speedy air fighters are adept at air-to-air combat, and are quite similar in controlling.

The TR Mosquito is the fastest with the most acceleration, the Reaver is better armored and has a powerful gun, and the Scythe has a greater VTOL and altitude.

This deadly air-to-ground bomber liberates enemies from the lives. A 3-man aerial vehicle, the Liberator can cause havoc within seconds despite its relatively slow speed.

The tail gunner can keep the aerial fighters worried, while the bomber exterminates ground forces in a set of ear-popping explosions. This is a 3-man show, so you need a skilled set of individuals operating this beast.

Harasser is a vehicle capable of carrying three people. MAX players are given freedom to ride this vehicle but, as passengers. Why waste time driving when someone else can drive it for you.

Best use of Harasser comes in the form of quick close-quarters drive-by attacks. If that doesn’t work out for you then you can always roadkill enemies passing by.

ANT is used as a constructor or for gathering resources. Also, it can help you build your own base with the help of cortium, a mined material.

Valkyrie is a type of Galaxy but much smaller in size. It’s a dual-function aircraft as it can be used both for attacking and transporting.

This vehicle can fit two passengers (that can use their weapons from inside) along with 4 passengers, including the Pilot, Front Gunner, and 4 Rumble Seats, 2 on each side.

Valkyrie has its main gun attached that can be replaced by an anti-tank, anti-infantry weaponry or even rockets.

Galaxy is a transport aircraft that helps repair friendly aircrafts and its capable of dropping 11 soldiers along with the pilot. It’s the only transport vehicle that can mount for weapons used for defense.

As compared to other aircrafts, Galaxy can be exited at high altitude without killing the passengers.

Players perform the Galaxy Drop and are ejected to the target area landing safely and continuing the fight. Once Galaxy drops the passengers, it either stays on station as an impromptu gunship, or fills more players from the Warpgate

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