Planets³ Achieves its Kickstarter Goal Four Days Before the Deadline

Cubical Drift game “Planets³” has successfully reached its Kickstarter goal of $250,000 after a few weeks. The funding started at the start of March and finally the game achieves its target just four days before the end of their funding campaign.

Planets3 is a voxel based construction game, in which you will not be just building blocks, but there is also a story which unfolds as you create and explore the world and after that, you will be able to go to space with the help of Starship. The story of Planets³ will be played in the multiplayer.

The cubic planets in the game are made up of blocks and the layer zones on them will unlock the storylines as you explore new areas. The world of Planets³ is completely customizable with the XML file, you can customize texture, models, planets, quests, landscapes and much more.

Crafting is another important feature of the game. Everything you create in the game is by assembling different parts that you find while exploring. Different sub-parts found in the game, can be combined to make a unique item or material.

Moreover, the players will have the option to have their own server and invite their friends to play. The game will also feature statistics which will change in accordance to your play-style.

Different characters will have their unique armor (males & females). You will be able to tame the wild animals and make them your pets. You will be equipping weapons, building new houses, customizing and travelling through the game’s universe. Planets³ is a combination of open world RPGs, adventure games and sandbox titles.

The team has just reached their starting goal, but the studio is still looking for more budget to refine the game. For more information on the Planets³, visit their Kickstarter page.

Contributor at SegmentNext.