Planet Zoo Tips: Animal Care, Donations

Planet Zoo has been released and many players are flocking in droves to get their hands on this game. However, the game functions on a trial-based system, meaning that you need to experiment, do trial runs and so forth to get a solid grip of the game’s mechanics, various strategies, and to develop a solid understanding of what it takes to build and run a successful zoo. This guide will provide you with a series of tips that will go a long way in making you successful in Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo Tips

When building an enclosure, you can actually make the walls ‘climb proof’. This prevents any animal from climbing out; this can be done via the settings menu when building a wall – you can choose which wall you wish to make unsurmountable.

In conjunction with the previous tip, you can actually check which animal has strong climbing capabilities. This lets you know which animals you need to keep an eye out for, and which walls you’ll actually need to climb proof. Open up the Habitat Page on the Zoopedia and check it out. You’ll save a lot of money by not climb-proofing every wall.

It’s possible for the enclosures you create to have straight or curved walls. With proper planning and a bit of architectural forethought, you can create a very unique and economically spacious zoo. In the bottom right corner, go to settings and select the straight or curved wall section when building.

Curvature is possible for visitors’ paths as well. However, these curved paths will not always be perfectly aligned with the walls adjacent to them. These can also be accessed via the settings in the right hand corner. This is to allow you to create the zoo to your specific liking – to be the architect as well as the manager.

Research every animal in your possession. The more research you conduct and complete, the more information you’ll have available to you in the Zoopedia in Planet Zoo. Information pertaining to the enrichment of the life of the animal, and so much more.

Research needs to be conducted by both Veterinarians and Mechanics, therefore they’ll require different buildings where they can conduct their specialized research; a workshop space for the Mechanics, and a research center for the Veterinarians.

Research needs to be conducted by both Veterinarians and Mechanics, therefore they’ll require different buildings where they can conduct their specialized research; a workshop space for the Mechanics, and a research center for the Veterinarians.

Animal Care
Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Have workers constantly cleaning up after the animals. If they continue to leave their excrement in their enclosures, their overall quality of life will deteriorate.

Animals, depending on their size and how many there are, will need space to accommodate them. Furthermore, each animal actually requires something within that space to entertain them. Do research on specific animals and find out what’s needed to enrich their lives.

You can manipulate and affect the terrain to enrich the animals’ lives. This will give you managerial bonuses and works to your advantage. You will have many options, such as adding grass into enclosures (you can use a meter to determine how much grass you’re actually putting down, plus the intensity of it).

Each animal has their own preferences when it comes to terrain and surroundings. You can check this when looking at each individual animal. A meter will display when you’re in that comfort zone – for some animals the zone is quite large and easy to get, whereas for other animals it’s far more difficult.

You are able to add plants and other shrubberies in and around the zoo. This puts the animals at ease and is primarily for their benefit. However, if you don’t like how these plants look, or you feel that they’re an encumbrance of some sort, you can actually lower their position so that they’re deep underground. The animals will still be able to view them and will still be part of the habitat, but they will no longer be in the way!

In Planet Zoo Franchise Mode, you can actually check which Franchise an animal is coming from. This is valuable information that helps later when you’re trading. You can check this by clicking ‘Animal Market’. It’s similar to having that animal’s pedigree – it helps you out.

You will receive a notification whenever any one of your animals is pregnant. Likewise, you can also refer to the Timeline Review to see if any of the animals are pregnant. You’ll have to take some extra precautions to ensure that nothing goes wrong, likewise you’ll have to prepare for a new addition to the family.

In the Navigable Area, under the Animal Tab, you can check your progress and see just how big your zoo has gotten – you can compare this to your projected expectations. You’ll know your current standing and you can plan for the future.

If you’ve conducted the proper research, you can actually increase the quality of food by going to the Habitat Menu and doing the check there. However, it costs far more and it costs differently depending on which animal it’s meant for.

Include Trade Centers in Work Zones. This is to ensure that the Keepers under your employ will actually go to pick up any animals that you’ve ordered. It’s possible that the animals will languish while they await their retrieval, so always have someone ready to receive them.

Glass barriers are not the only options available to you when creating the exhibits. Instead, you can opt for a glass window that visitors can peer through. You can do this by going to Settings in the bottom right corner.

If you spot a crowd of people running away, then assume that there’s something wrong. You can find out by clicking on the aforementioned crowd and see what’s upsetting them. Take appropriate action as things can escalate out of control very quickly.

Keep a close eye on your staff. Check to see their skill level, but more importantly, see if they’re happy with their current position. If not, you may end up losing them. Take action if it seems they’re unhappy.

Every now and then, an animal will escape from its enclosure. Use Veterinarians to wrangle them up and get them back to where they belong. Be quick about it as they can frighten guests and lower your zoo’s standing.

One-sided glass is beneficial for certain animals. Animals that aren’t predators will be anxious when being stared and gawked at by numerous people. Therefore, it’s preferable to have a one-sided mirror to keep the animal happy while entertaining all the visitors.

Temperature is an important part of any enclosure. Some animals will require more heat, whereas others will require a cooler atmosphere. Buy a heater or a cooler to match the animal’s needs. A Heatmap can be used to determine what is needed.

Planet Zoo Donations
Clicking on Donation Boxes will let you know just how many donations you’ve received, and which animal drew in the largest amount. This information can be useful when going forward as you’ll know what to push and what to hold back.

Donations can be dependent on how much the visitors can actually see (in other words, just how good the view is) and how well kept the animals are. If animals are poorly treated, visitors will be reluctant to donate.

Visitors have ‘Educational Meters’ – they wish to learn about the animals and the issues surrounding them. By providing them with the appropriate information, visitors will be more inclined to donate. Have kiosks set up that provide visitors with pertinent information regarding the animals they are currently learning about.

You can click the Habitat Tab to check the quality of water. This is useful if you have any animals living in the water; you need clean water so as to not adversely affect their quality of life. The animal may potentially die if nothing is done.

Guests do not wish to see any of the work done to make the zoo function. Therefore, any work that needs to be done must be done outside of public eye. Try to divert guests away from wherever work is taking place.

If an item or new facility is close to a pathway, the game will automatically create a path connecting the new item/facility with the preexisting path. It’ll save money to have the game automatically build a path for you.

Animals will begin to act unruly if their lives are not enriched. If an animal requires something to climb on, then you must build an object that can allow them to do so. It’s possible that the animals may even start fighting one another if they feel that their lives are not enriched enough.

If animals get injured, there’s a possibility that they will be forever scarred. Scarring deters visitors and they will lose interest in that scarred animal. You must prevent any injuries at all cost!