Planet Zoo Habitats Guide

Plant Zoo features habitats that are locations with animals in it. It is different from your usual habitat as it is a mixture of more than one kind of species. In this Planet Zoo Habitats guide we will explain all the basics about the habitat system and how you can build the best habitats and shelters for your animals.

Planet Zoo Habitats

You have Zoopedia which is going to show you the compatibility of different animal species with each other. You can now build a habitat by mixing those animal species with each other.

There are certain things that you have to keep in check when you mix these animals.

Clean your water
You have to keep a check on your water at all times. You have a radar button at the bottom left of the screen which can show you the condition of your water.

Blue color shows that your water is clean and in perfect condition to use. If there’s even a small risk in the water, it shows green color and diseased water shows red color.

You use the water treatment facility to keep your water clean and risk-free. Keep your water treatment at a radius to the water.

Power it to work and if it doesn’t have power then it will be black instead of orange. Have a mechanic check your water treatment if it doesn’t work,

Assign diseased animals to vets
You will immediately get a notification when an animal in your habitat gets diseased. You have to take quick action by finding the animal and moving it to quarantine. The vets are going to take the animal away. You have to get over the causes of the outbreak.

Assign the research jobs to the vets and they are going to research the disease if you have the research facilities in your zoo management.

There are different types of barriers for different types of animals. You have to put the correct types of barriers in the correct places to contain your animals inside.

Your monkeys will be hanging out from here and there and if they get a chance, they will be climbing out of their habitat.

If you have the climbable barriers around then they will be able to get out of the habitat. To stop your monkeys from climbing out, but the not climbable barriers around so that they can’t jump by climbing over them.

Put the correct height of the barriers. Some animals will be able to leave their habitat of the height of the barrier is low. You have to check your Zoopedia for finding out the height in which the animal has to be contained.

Some animals have more strength and are more wild than normal. For these animals, you cannot put the normal barriers around.

You have to choose a different grade type of barrier for these animals. Again, you can use your Zoopedia to check the grade type of barriers.

Once you have taken care of the barriers of the animals and are sure that they won’t be breaking out of the barriers, make sure that your guests also have the perfect view to see the animals. Put glass walls in place of some of the non-climbable barriers.

There is a certain amount of food that is cooked for the animals in the habitat. There is your normal food and enriched food. When the animals ask for the enriched food, make sure to feed them.

If you get stuck at some point, you can use your Zoopedia to check the food that the animal in your habitat wants. Go to the Habitat tab in your Zoopedia and you can search the food there.

Terrain and Plants
Your animals require a certain terrain to live on. You can’t always provide them with their required terrain hence why you manipulate the terrain in your habitat.

Clicking on the animal and selecting the terrain tab will let you manipulate the terrain and make your animal happy.

Another thing that makes the habitat of these animals more comfortable for them is the presence of plants. Check the environment tab of these animals and put plants according to that.

These conditions and accessories make a habitat of mixed animals for your zoo and will keep them happy, safe and satisfied.