Planet Zoo Facilities Guide

You require some staff in Plant Zoo which takes care of your zoo and the animals living in it. The employees that you hire for the zoo keep your zoo functional and provide the zoo with the utmost care. But when you hire the staff, it also requires you to take care of it and provide it with some facilities. This Planet Zoo Facilities guide will give you a breakdown of the facilities you can build and upgrade to keep your staff happy.

Planet Zoo Facilities

You are going to find the staff buildings behind your mixed animal habitats. There are a few buildings you are going to find in the staff buildings. All of these play an important role in Zookeeping.

The buildings include:

Mechanics Research
The Mechanics Research includes all the themes, Habitats, Power, Staff Facilities and much more. You can check it from the Zoo tab which is at the bottom left of your screen. The Mechanics Workshop shows you the scenery rating around the building.

The higher you keep the scenery rating, the more satisfied everyone will be. Then there is a ‘Capacity’ feature which shows the number of mechanics in research. The workshop has more features like the number of mechanics and efficiency as well.

Vet Research
There is a research center building that is similar to how the Mechanics Workshop was but this center is for the vets. This building helps you educate yourself in order to treat the animals better. It also shows you the enrichments and any other information you require about your animals.


Keepers Hut
There is a keepers hut which limits the number of staff members to go inside the hut and cook for the animals. Only one member can enter the hut at one time which makes it very hard to manage things in a given time.

Keepers Hut (Larger)
The larger keeper hut is obviously the better one as it allows more staff to enter the hut and cook food for them. This allows the work to be completed more quickly and you have fewer and fewer animals dying due to hunger. If you have a big zoo then there is no reason to not keep this hut.

Staff Room
This center is particularly for the staff to relax and rest when they go on a break. You can also buy perks for your staff which will benefit the game enormously. The perks include

Staff healthcare: Makes the staff resilient when they are being overworked.

Social club: Makes the staff get happier in less time.

Learning resources: When the staff is resting in the building, they get information about their jobs. This brings their training date forward.

Security office: Security staff gets better detection rates and ranges.

Staff PR course: Entertainers and vendors are able to make the guests happier when they interact with them.

Rec room: The staff that is resting here recovers its energy faster.

There is also a larger version of the staff room which allows more staff to enter and relax at once while they are on their breaks. So when you have more staff in your zoo, you are going to require a bigger staff room.

You immediately get a notification when an animal gets diseased. You are supposed to find these animals and send them to the quarantine with the help of the vets.

This staff building is very important because if one animal gets sick, you need to have the quarantine building to isolate that animal otherwise it is going to be spreading the disease to the whole area which will affect other animals.

Veterinary Surgery
You need this building in order to take care of the health of your animals. If your animals have participated in any fights then some of them are going to get hurt and require some medical help and surgery. Here the vets are going to help these animals and perform surgeries over the animals in order to heal the animals.