Planet Zoo Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts List

Learn all the controls of Planet Zoo and some useful shortcuts that can help make your building process faster and efficient

Building a thriving zoo in Planet Zoo requires both creativity and efficiency. While the intuitive controls allow for smooth construction, mastering keyboard shortcuts unlocks a whole new level of speed and precision.

This guide equips you with all the essential controls you’ll need, from basic object placement and camera manipulation to advanced editing and terrain manipulation. No more wasting time clicking through menus!

Planet Zoo Miscellaneous Camera Controls

Move camera to previous pointLeft arrow key
Move camera to next pointRight arrow key

Mouse Controls

Move cursorMove the mouse
Activate buttonLMB
Select objectLMB
Camera panRMB + move the mouse
Move cameraScroll + move the mouse Or Left/Right mouse button + move the mouse
Zoom cameraScroll

Object Placement Controls

Place objectLMB
Cancel placementRMB or ESC
RotateZ + left and right arrow keys
Rotate 90 degreesZ
Adjust vertical heightShift + up and down arrow keys
Reset vertical heightShift
Lock to surface axesCTRL + move the mouse
Toggle angle snap on/offSpace
Toggle align to surface on/offN
Flatten terrain on/offM
Snap AttachmentsF
Decorations to wall piece centreG

Path Edit Mode

Place pathLMB
Delete pathBackspace
Raise/lower pathLMB on path preview + up and down arrow keys
Raise pathP
Lower pathL
Rotate junction angleZ on junction preview + move mouse
Right angle joinWhen path preview join is on, press and hold Z
Adjust vertical heightShift + up and down arrow key
Reset vertical heightShift
Disable path joinsCTRL during path placement
Toggle angle snap on/offSpace
Decrease path lengthScroll down
Increase path widthScroll up
Delete path on/offDelete
Path T junction joins on/off+ key
Create Y junctionHold Z while making a new junction from the existing path
Toggle curved slopes on/offY
Enter/exit align to gridALT
Toggle Align to placement suggestions on/off. key

Terrain Edit Mode

Apply brushLMB + CTRL
Apply inverse brush (pull/push brushes)RMB + CTRL
Decrease brush intensity
Increase brush intensity+
Decrease brush sizeScroll down + CTRL
Increase brush sizeScroll up + CTRL

Track Edit Mode

Use handlesLMB + Tab
Build track pieceLMB or Enter
Delete track pieceRMB or Delete
Select track pieceLMB on the placed piece
Cancel / closeESC

Building Edit Mode

Place pieceLMB
Cancel placementRMB or ESC
Select multiple piecesCTRL + LMB
Rotate decorations and attachmentsZ + left or right arrow keys
Rotate 90 degreesZ
Toggle advanced move/rotateX
Adjust vertical heightShift + up or down arrow keys
Reset vertical heightShift
Lock to surface axesCTRL + move the mouse
Toggle angle snap on/offSpace
Toggle align to surface on/offN
Flatten terrain on/offM

General Shortcuts

Pan camera forwardW
Pan camera backwardS
Pan camera leftA
Pan camera rightD
Raise cameraE
Lower cameraQ
Camera zoom inScroll with + key
Camera zoom outScroll with – key
Toggle freelook camera on/offT
Increase freelook camera speed\
Cancel placement, close browser, deselect objectESC
Delete selected objectDel
Change simulation speedI
Pause simulationP
UndoCTRL + Z
RedoCTRL + Y
Duplicate object/buildingCTRL + D
Move selectionShift + M
Enter group edit modeR
Show/hide user interfaceG
Camera TorchL

Planet Zoo Menu Shortcuts Controls

Controls help (show/hide)F2
Open save menuF12
Open load menuF1
Open zoo management0
Open animal trading1
Open exhibit tradingF2
Open barriers`
Open habitat4
Open nature2
Open zoo facilities6
Open construction3
Open blueprintsF4
Open paths9
Open Terrain5
Open heat mapsF7
Open multi selectP

With this little coverage of every keyboard shortcut, hopefully, you will be utilizing your valuable time in Planet Zoo effectively and efficiently. Use every shortcut key while building, and you’ll find yourself satisfied with how fast you achieve results.

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