Planet Zoo Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts List

Learn all the controls of Planet Zoo and some useful shortcuts that can help make your building process faster and efficient

Planet Zoo is all about building your park as efficiently and beautifully as possible. Constructing your park can be a little tedious if you do not know how to approach the building process. We will lay out all the the Planet Zoo shortcut keys for you so you can considerably speed up your process by memorizing these controls. We will be covering every key from the most common one to the ones that might be unknown to you.

Planet Zoo Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are all the default keybinds you can use in Planet Zoo to make your job of customizing the zoo easier.

Controls Function
LMB Select
Esc Cancel
Mouse Movement Move Camera
Scroll Wheel Zoom Camera
MMB Rotate Camera
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
E Raise Camera
Q Lower Camera
F1 Help Menu
ESC Menu
P Pause Time
Ctrl + D Duplicate
G (F12 if on Steam) Hide your HUD
Delete Delete Object
O Change Simulation Speed
Z Rotate 90 degrees
X Toggle Advanced Move or Rotation
U Raise Road
J Lower Road
R Edit Grouped Pieces
M Move Object

With this little coverage of every keyboard shortcut, hopefully, you will be utilizing your valuable time in Planet Zoo effectively as well as efficiently. Utilize every shortcut key while building and you’ll find yourself satisfied with how fast you achieve results

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