Planet Zoo Breeding Guide

Planet Zoo asks of their player to go crazy in building the best park they can. You will find yourself expanding your park constantly with various resources, managing everything for a stable income. This guide is focused on how to breed your animals. If your animals are happy and fed, and you cannot figure out how to breed animals, hopefully, this Planet Zoo guide covers all the points you may have missed while playing your game.

Planet Zoo Breeding

There are a number of factors that contribute to breeding between different animals.

Through research, you can find different food items and toys that make your animals happy. Once discovered, provide them to your animals. To look for different enrichments for different animals, go to your Habitat Menu so you can display a list of appropriate items. To do research, assign a Veterinarian on a specific animal; which can be done via the Staff Management Menu.

Meet nutrition needs via your standard feeding troughs in the habitat menu of Planet Zoo. Feed your animals grade three food. To check what grade food your animals are getting, click on your habitat gate or barrier and go to the “Animals” section, from here change the grade.

An animal’s welfare is drastically linked to its social group. You can check the Zoopedia in-game to see the different conditions that will make the animal happiest; which includes Habitat size, stress reduction, etc.

Before you rush into decorating your habitat, make sure to check the Environment tab on your animal’s info panel, so then you can pick the things that will make your animal happier. Make sure to check the terrain your animals need to.

Almost Done, What’s Next?
Once all the things mentioned above are taken care of. You will need to check if your animals are able to breed or not. To check this, go into the “Species Data” tab in the Zoopedia entries for your respective animal.

Look at the “Reproduction in Captivity” stat, and the required number of animals in a single habitat for higher chances of reproduction. With everything in mind, go ahead and buy yourself some additional animals so you can meet the requirements.

As your habitat contains the right animals, you can see the probability that your animals will produce an offspring by clicking on them and going to the genetics section; choose “Compare Mates”. Here, select the mate for your animal.

Patience, and privacy
Wait, with the right animals, right nutrition, right enrichment and the right living conditions met, your animals will eventually get pregnant, and you can see which are pregnant by clicking on your notification timeline.

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