Planet Zoo Animal Feeding Tips

Just like your keepers, you have to keep your animals happy, satisfied, and most importantly, well-fed. In any case, if your animal is starving, you are going to start receiving notifications about it. In this Planet Zoo guide, we will give you useful tips on how and when to feed your animals with the best type of food for them.

You can’t ignore the animal’s feeding needs for long as it will cause the animal to die. You can’t put keepers at the location at all times. This can be very frustrating and confusing. You can, however, build another location or upgrade the previous one for a bigger one.

Planet Zoo Animal Feeding Tips

We have summed up a guide below which has a list of ways in which you can keep your animal from starvation. Some ways include

Make sure that your keepers rest
After performing their duties all day long, it is likely that they are going to get tired, inactive, and less productive. You need to let them rest for some time after they prepare food so they can stay active and productive. They do that in their habitat, Staff Centre.

You can build the Staff Centre closer to the keeper room. The keeper room is where the food is cooked. Keep the two locations close so they can do that quickly and get back to work.

Enrichment food
There is a certain amount of food that is cooked for the animals in the habitat. There are enrichment feeders that are to be filled when the red bar comes up which means that you have to feed your animals with enriched food.

Now you can put up the enrichment feeder for the keepers to fill it but at the cost of leaving your standard feeder empty. This will stop the keepers from filling up your standard feeders and leave them all empty.

Water bowl and water pump
The areas where you have a water source, which is the area where the lake is, you need to apply some water filters in order to give your keepers and animals some clean and uncontaminated water.

You can also rearrange the location of your water bowls and food to get the keepers back to that location and feed your animals.

Keepers for habitats
Your animals are going to be in habitats and you can’t keep an eye on them all the time. In this case, you have to assign at least one keeper to each habitat so they can look after the animals in the habitat and they aren’t left unattended at any time.