Planet Of The Apes Game Released On Playstation 4, Then Pulled Immediately

A Planet of the Apes game, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, was accidentally released on the Playstation Store earlier today before being quickly removed. If you’re a Planet of the Apes fan (whether of the whole franchise or the reboots), you might want to pick it up when it actually comes out.

And almost immediately pulled. There has never been an actual release date announced for the game beyond “Fall”, but we have no idea of how exactly the game got released before whatever date it was supposed to come out. Whether it was some overzealous developer or a misunderstanding, at least we know that it’s apparently in complete enough of a state to be released.

The game focuses around Caesar’s group of apes, who fled to the mountains after the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. However, with winter closing in they have been forced to move south, bringing them into conflict with a human settlement. The game can end multiple different ways, with the apes winning, humans winning, or a mutually beneficial solution for both sides.

The Planet of the Apes game was available for $29.99 while it was available on the Playstation 4, which considering it’s a game that seems to mainly be focused on dialogue choices while you watch some kind of movie can be seen as asking a bit too much. However, hopefully the game will actually have some gameplay in it, otherwise players may give it a pass unless you’re a Planet of the Apes fan.

The Planet of the Apes game was also supposed to be releasing on the Xbox One and PC, though what caused it to accidentally release only on the Playstation network will likely remain a mystery for a good while unless Playstation offers an explanation. It’s also hard to know exactly what this stealth release means for the game itself and for Playstation and Imaginati Studios, the developers, and their feelings on the game.

Either way we’ll have to see if the game gets a release date sometime in the future.