PixARK Magic Guide – Resources, Magic Tips, Tame Magical Creatures

Magic is extremely important in PixARK as it is the gateway to the rarer content in the game. It is quite hard to understand what it is or how it works for some people, especially those new to the game. Luckily, they have this PixARK Magic Guide.

Our PixARK Magic Guide will guide you through the entire basics of magic and how you can tame the Magical Creatures available in PixARK. We will tell you all about the mechanics and give you numerous tips and tricks to help you on your way to understanding magic in the game.

Getting Started with PixARK Magic

There are five different resources in the game related to magic.

The Magic Fiber can be picked up from grass tufts in the Magic Biome. Magic Berries can be found in the bushes of the Magic Biome whereas Mageweave Bark can be found when you chop the trees in the Magic Biome.

The last two resources are Magic Wood which can be found by chopping trees inside of the Magic Biome and the Magic Essence which requires you to kill creatures in the Magic Biome.

Apart from these five materials, you have Magic Stones which are quite hard to find. These are usually gotten when mining or exploring caves. The thing about them is that they need to be collected using a wand rather than a Pickaxe or a Drill.

How to Use Magic

The stones correspond to one of the elements. Topaz is the Earth Stone, Emerald is Wind, Ruby is Fire, Sapphire is Water, and Amethyst is Wind.

You can take all of your stuff to the Magic Workbench to craft a staff for yourself.

Once you have it crafted, you will need ammo for it. The stones that we have mentioned act as ammo for the staff if you manage to turn them into dust. Each stone will be a different ammo type. Drag the essence into the staff and it will be used until it is finished. Let us go ahead and take a look at how to tame Magical Creatures using your newfound knowledge of the magic in PixARK.

How to Tame Magic Creatures

To tame the Magical Creatures, you will need Magical Sleepy Arrows. Craft them suing a Stone Arrow, a Magic Berry, a Mageweave Bark, and a Wind Magic Stone.

After that, fire the arrow from a bow or a crossbow after scanning a creature to ensure it is magical.

A great tip that we have for you is to get the arrows and farm around 20 of them to trap a Spectre Wolf. Shoot at it with the Sleepy Arrows and feed it meat once it is unconscious. After that, you will be able to ride the wolf without a saddle and it will easily destroy all of the early game creatures without much trouble.

That is all we have for our PixARK Magic Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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