PixARK Leveling Guide – How To Level Up Fast, Leveling Tips

Our PixARK Leveling Tips below will help you level in PixARK with the least bit of effort and least amount of time. Roll down your eyes to our PixARK Leveling Guide if you want to avoid all the chores and grinding required to maximize your character level in the game. Since you require a high Character Level to craft equipment and thus survive better, it is only very important to know of quick ways to get there.

Treasure chests in Ice Keep
Firstly, you will need to collect the 9 Treasure Chests which you can find in the troubling but rewarding Ice Castles. These have Ice Bears and Ice Dragonlings roaming around, always looking for an opportunity to attack.

Good thing is, you do not have to defeat them in order to collect the treasures.

You can just head to the four corners of the top and bottom floors of this Ice Keep. This will get you a total of 8 chests.

The last one will be located before the entrance to the main room of the dungeon. If you do not find them at these designated locations, then do not worry! They may have been looted recently, wait for them to spawn again.

Steel Bone Gear
If you are lucky enough, while searching for treasures, you will come across the Steel Bone Gear. These spawn randomly without any regards to a fixed location. What this includes is a powerful sword as well as a strong and durable Steel Bone Armor.

Venturing Out and Taming Creatures
You need to tame a Pteradon and head to either the Grassland Ruins or Desert Temples for further progression. Grassland will have Coyotes as the main NPC enemies which you can eliminate to gain enough EXP to reach Level 45.

Yes, that is impressive level progression, right there!

Alternatively, you can choose to go to Desert Temples. This is a tougher stage so be sure to place spawn points in this region. This is done by placing beds. Place around 6 for absolute safety. Most of the enemies here are easy to kill, usually with 1 or 2 hits.

Another way to level up faster is by smelting or collecting gunpowder resources from wherever you can find them. The more items you craft, the more XP you get, the faster you level up.

Moreover, you can take on the tougher monsters which reward a lot of XP when to put down. Take down other Monsters Tamed by other players during battle. A final piece of advice, collect everything and anything you find in your path. This will help you get all the resources to craft, fight and survive. It will also help you level up in the process.

This is all we have in our PixARK Leveling Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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