PixARK Crafting Guide – How To Crafting, Earning Engram Points, Unlocking Crafting Recipes

Our PixARK Crafting Guide is for introducing beginners to the Crafting System of PixARK. This includes everything from gathering resources to creating weapons and equipment for survival in the harsh land.

PixARK Crafting

Crafting is not a lot of effort, but it does have some requirements and pre-requisites before you can hop into the creating all sorts of stuff. You will first need to level up your character to collect some essential equipment.

Therefore, whenever you have Character Points available, go to the Character Info tab in the inventory. Once you have leveled up enough, you will receive Engram Points which you can use towards constructing and crafting objects.

Unlock these Engrams in the ‘Engrams’ tab. Each particular Engram will have a description and points required to unlock it associated with it. After you have successfully unlocked an Engram, the crafting recipe for it will be revealed in the ‘Craft’ tab of the inventory.

You will thereafter be required to gather the specific resources needed for cooking that recipe. For example, the Woodaxe will require you to collect 3x Wood first. Once collected, craft one or multiple items by typing the number of items you want to craft. This goes for crafting all stuff ranging from Saddles for Tamed Creatures to weapons and Health Kits.

This is all we have in our PixARK Crafting Guide. Found anything missing or confusing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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