PixARK Console Commands Guide – How To Open Console, Console Cheats And Commands

So you are finding the game challenging? Or you just want to have fun messing around? The only thing which makes that possible is console commands and cheats. Well, we have compiled a list of PixARK Console Commands you can use to tailor the game in any way you want!

PixARK Console Commands

PixARK is the perfect hybrid between Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved. Sometimes, you might want to go a little funny and mess around with the tools the developers made available through the console.

The console commands below allow you to perform a variety of activities in the game. Some of these can boost FPS, therefore, improving the performance of the game. While others cause you to teleport, kill enemies instantly, and so on.

The console is opened by pressing the ‘Tab’ key. Furthermore, you will have to enable cheats so you can use a majority of these commands.

It is carried out by pressing the ‘~’ button and entering the command ‘enablecheats [your password goes here]’. Make sure you put some space between the command and your password. Listed below are commands along with their functions:

  • cheat fly: Enable flying
  • cheat walk: Deactivate flying
  • cheat god: Enable god mode
  • cheat forcetame: Tame a dinosaur
  • cheat infinitestats: Add infinite stats
  • cheat destroymytarget: Destroy target
  • cheat slomo 1: Revert to normal speed
  • stat FPS 1: For enabling the fps overlay
  • stat FPS 0: For disabling the fps overlay
  • cheat enemyinvisible true: Become invisible
  • cheat saveworld: Save the current world state
  • r.bloomquality 0: Type this in to turn off bloom
  • cheat destroyallenemies: Destroy all enemies
  • r.lightshafts 0: Turn off light-shafts by this input
  • cheat slomo 5: Increase the speed of movement
  • cheat enemyinvisible false: Become visible again
  • cheat ghost: Walk through walls and other objects
  • cheat playersonly: Freeze all processes except players
  • r.shadowquality 0: This command will turn off shadows
  • setres: Set the desired resolution (e.g. setres 1920×1080)
  • cheat setplayerpos [X Y Z]: Alternative teleportation to coordinates
  • sg.EffectsQuality 0: Turn off all special effects like blur, etc. by this command
  • stat Unit: For displaying game data including frame time, game thread, rendering thread, and GPU times
  • cheat forceplayertojointargettribe [player ID]: Force any player to join the target tribe by using their player ID
  • cheat addexperience [value] 0 0: Add a certain amount of XP to your game (e.g., cheat addexperience 500 0 0)
  • cheat teleport [X Y Z]: Teleport to coordinates of your desire. Put them in the order: X Y Z (e.g., cheat teleport 200 10 300)
  • cheat giveitemnum [item #] [quanity] 1 0: Add an item to your game from 000 to 1336 (e.g., cheat giveitemnum 052 3 1 0)
  • cheat settimeofday [timestring]: Change the time of day to your desired one. Time is to be put in terms of 24-hour clock so something like 14:12, etc.

This is all we have in our PixARK Console Commands Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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