Pirating Game Dev Tycoon Shows You the Error of Your Ways

There are city-simulators and then you have ‘Game Dev Tycoon’, a game-development simulator released yesterday by developer Greenheart Games. The indie title has players finding their own studios and then working the ropes to survive in the competitive video game industry.

So how real is this simulator, do players also face the challenges of their game being ripped to shreds due to piracy? Well it does but with a twist.

Greenheart Games thought it’d be a prime way to try an experiment and teach pirates a lesson on the consequences of their actions. Shortly after the launch of their game, the developer released a cracked version of the game on to the torrents.

Both versions are same except for one little addition to the cracked game, players’ revenue get vaporized in a simulated effect of piracy. So those who downloaded the game and saved $7.99 are now having their in-game studios going bankrupt.

I’m not one for quoting Internet memes but the amount of irony here is too damn high!

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Greenheart Games also shared that around 93 percent of the more than 3,300 total players have pirated the game.

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