Pillars of Eternity Fighter Class Guide – Stats, Spells, Abilities and Talents

Fighters are mostly trained in Defense, Crowd Control and Striking. They can easily stand against hordes of enemies without going down for long durations of time. They are front line fighters who specialize in Weapon Mastery and other useful abilities.

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Pillars of Eternity Fighter Class

Fighter men and women mostly rely on more traditional means of fending off their enemies. They can put themselves in harm’s way and take damage for prolonged durations of time before going down.

Furthermore, they contain the highest Defense Deflection rate among all other Classes in Pillars of Eternity and recover small amount of Stamina after every second. They can switch between dealing high damage to maintaining high defense upon will.

Following is everything you need to know about Fighter Class in Pillars of Eternity:

Beginning Stats

Starting Ability – Constant Recovery
This ability allows Fighters to constantly regenerate Endurance at a moderate rate throughout the combat.

  • Endurance – 42 + 14/level
  • Health – 5 x Endurance
  • Accuracy – 30 + 3/level
  • Deflection – 25
  • Skill Bonus – Lore +1 Survival +1 Athletics +1

Special Abilities

Most of the Fighters are melee-based combatants who can switch between dealing high damage to maintaining high defense upon will. Furthermore, each Fighter gets to choose a Weapon Specialization Category at Level 5.

Confident Aim
Available At: Level 3 Passive

This increases minimum damage of Melee Weapons by x1.2 and converts 20% of the Grazes into hits.

Critical Defense
Available At: Level 9 Passive

This ensures that 20% of all incoming Critical Hits are automatically converted into normal hits before hitting players.

Clear Out
Available At: Level 9

This sweeps the players’ melee weapon in a 2.5m large arc which knocks enemies prone.

Constant Recovery
Available At: Level 1 Passive

This ensures that players regenerate +3 Endurance over the course of time.

Weapon Specialization: Ruffian
Available At: Level 5 Passive

This adds 15% increased damage to Blunderbuss, Club, Pistol, Sabre, and Stiletto.

Weapon Specialization: Peasant (Passive)
This adds 15% increased damage to Hatchet, Hunting Bow, Quarterstaff, Spear, and Unarmed types.

Weapon Specialization: Adventurer (Passive)
This adds 15% increased Damage to Estoc, Flail, Pollaxe, Wand, and War Bow types.

Weapon Specialization: Knight (Passive)
This adds 15% increased damage to Battle Axe, Crossbow, Morning Star, and Sword types.

Weapon Specialization: Soldier (Passive)
This adds 15% increased damage to Arbalest, Arquebus, Great Sword, Pike, and War Hammer types.

Available At: Level 11

When dropped down to 0 Endurance, players’ character self-revives with 100 Endurance, +5 Damage Reduction, +10 Deflection, +10 Fortitude, +10 Reflex, and +10 Will for 30 seconds.

Disciplined Barrage
Available At: Level 3

This grants players increased +15 Accuracy for 12 seconds.

Guardian Stance
Available At: Level 3

This allows players to increases his or her allies’ Deflection by +10 but at the cost of decreased Accuracy of -10.

Into The Fray
Available At: Level 7

The players’ character pushes enemies within the melee range (2.0m) and deals 1-6 Crush Damage.

Available At: Level 3 Modal

This allows players to receive x0.8 Attack Speed, +2 enemies Engaged and +5 Deflection but at the cost of Attack Rate.

Knock Down
Available At: Level 1

This allows players’ character to push an enemy backward into Prone state for 5 seconds but with next to none damage.

Vigorous Defense
Available At: Level 1

This allows players to gain +20 Defense against all incoming attacks for 15 seconds.

Available At: Level 7

When casted, this ability causes the 50% of all damage taken into Healing over Time for 15 seconds.

Armored Grace
Available At: Level 7 Passive

This allows players to equip even the bulkiest of armor but at the cost of decreased Recover Penalty – 16%.


Bonus Knock Down
This grants Fighters an extra use of Knock Down per encounter.

Rapid Recovery
This increases the Fighters’ Constant Recover rate.

Wary Defender
When in Defender Mode, this increases Fighters’ attributes such as x0.8 Attack Speed, +2 enemies Engaged, +5 Deflection.

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