Pillars of Eternity Companions Locations, Inner Conflicts and Quests Guide

Pillars of Eternity
In addition to custom created party members, there are 8 inbuilt recruitable companions who accompany players on their quests. Belonging to various classes and races, the companions bring out their unique personalities and attributes to players’ party.

Pillars of Eternity Companions Locations, Inner Conflicts and Quests

The companions also react differently to various situations, surroundings, foes, and other companions. Furthermore, each companion has his or her unique storyline which is affected by players’ decisions or interactions.


Aloth is a Wood Elf Wizard with pale skin and dark black hair. He is found in the Black Hound Inn in the Gilded Vale.

Aloth’s inner conflict is primarily related to his relationship to the Leaden Key and animancy. Furthermore, he is driven by his quest to learn more of Waidwen’s Legacy.

Aloth believes that animancy is against the will of gods, but is hopeful that it might get him out of his Awakening. The arc comes to end with him either taking up Thaos’ mantle or overlooking Leaden Key dissolution.

Two-Sided Quest
Two-Sided is received from Aloth outside the Woedica Catacombs.

Players just need to find an Animancer who could help Aloth understand his ‘Awakening’ to complete the quest.


Durance is a Meadow Folk Priest who is available at Magran’s Fork.

Durance is searching for answers as to why he was allowed to live, but his Magranic fellows were put to death. He later understands that the gods are wrothful and he and his fellows were mere puppets in the gods’ games.

The Trials of Durance Quest
The Trials of Durance is received from Durance in the Magran’s Fork.

In order to complete the quest, players must continue to speak with Durance and learn more of his secret. He will stop responding to players’ questions at some point, but will eventually give in.

Players must keep Durance in their party during Act #2 and Act #3 to learn more of his secrets in a vision. After the vision, players must talk to Durance followed by speaking with the gods.

Once the dialogues are over, players must convince Durance that Magran and Woedica conspired against him.


Eder is a Meadow Folk Fighter who is available in Gilded Vale, inside the Black Hound Inn.

Eder is devastated by St. Waidwen’s death and tries to look for some answers. He even tries to question the gods and why they do things in certain ways.

Fragments of a Scattered Faith Quest
‘Fragments of a Scattered Faith’ is acquired from Eder in Gilded Vale.

Eder needs to learn about the death of his brother in the Saint’s War. In order to answer his questions, he speaks with Maerwald and also checks the records kept in Defiance Bay.

Later on, he travels to the battleground outside Cliaban Rilag and comes across a certain artifact of the time. He brings the said artifact to Grieving Mother; he learns that his brother fought for Readceras which makes him sadder.

Grieving Mother

Grieving Mother is a Human Cipher who acted as a midwife in a local community. She is found in the eastern road leading to Dyrford Village.

Grieving Mother is seen in a perpetual state of mourning for her dead children and is driven by the desire to see them resurrected which may lead her on a dark path.

Dream and Memory Quest
The quest is acquired from Grieving Mother in the Magran’s Fork.

In order to complete Dream and Memory Quest, players merely need to find out who she really is and what secrets she beholds by watching her dreams – simple as that!


Hiravias is a Hearth Orlan Druid who represents the Glantfathan culture. Players can find Hiravias in the Stormwall Gorge.

After being molested badly, Hiravias decided to turn away from Galawin and move towards Wael. He is driven to learn more of his form and the differences between him as a person or seeker of mysteries.

True to Form Quest
The quest is acquired from Hiravias after players talk to him for a long time.

In order to discover more about Hiravias’ Autumn Stelgaer spiritshift form, players need to speak with druids such as Tamrwn or Naca in Twin Elms.

Once done talking, players need to read the four stone tablets in the Blood Sands Cavern and travel to Burial Island to speak with a druid who shares Galawin’s blessings.

Kana Rua

Kana Rua is an Aumaua Chanter representing Rauatai culture and is available in Caed Nua.

Kana Rua is driven by his quest to learn more of Engwithan Civilization. As he continues to learn about it, he gets more enthralled about their practices and ethics.

Time and Tide Quest
The quest is acquired by Kana Rua at Stronghold Exterior.

Kana Rua has come all the way to Dyrwood to find a certain sacred text named the Tanvii ora Toha or commonly referred to as the Book of Virtues.

After years of his tiresome search, he comes to conclusion that the text is buried deep within the ruins of Caed Nua which players must explore to retrieve the said text.

Pallegina mes Rei

Pallegina mes Rei is Ocean Folk Paladin representing the Vailian/Ducs-Bels culture is available in Defiance Bay.

Pallegina mes Rei knew no love from her father since her mother died while giving birth to her. She stayed determined and eventually became a Paladin of the Brotherhood and swore to work for the Ducs Bels of the Vailian Republics as an agent.

However, her stubbornness rather disobedience when asked to safeguard Dyrwood trade got her on bad terms with Vailian Government.

The Child of Five Suns Quest
The quest is acquired from Pallegina in the Ondra’s Gift Exterior.

While working as an agent for the Vailian Republics, she comes to a realization that she is wasting her time and potential on less important tasks and sets out to counter more serious threats to her country.


Sagani is a Boreal Dwarf Ranger who represents Naasitaq faction. Players can find Sagani in the Woodend Plains.

Sagani’s duties called for her absence from her homeland and children for five whole years. She is driven by a desire to see her children and know whether she did right by her children or not.

The Long Hunt Quest
The quest is acquired from Sagani in the Woodend Plains.

In order to complete The Long Hunt Quest, players simply need to track down Persoq by following the impressions left by his soul throughout the Dyrwood.

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