Pillars of Eternity Barbarian Class Guide – Stats, Abilities, Talents

Pillars of Eternity Barbarian Class guide with detailed stats, abilities and talents.

Barbarian in Pillars of Eternity is savage warrior who specializes in head-on encounters and does not rely on tactical maneuvers.

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Pillars of Eternity Barbarian Class

Barbarian is specialized in Crowd Control with a little touch of Striking and enjoys High Defense on the side.

Beginning Stats

Starting Ability – Carnage
While melee-attacking a primary target, Carnage allows Barbarian to deal a minute amount of damage to all nearby enemies – the exact radius is unknown.

  • Endurance – 48 + 16/level
  • Health – 6 x Endurance
  • Accuracy – 25 + 3/level
  • Deflection – 15
  • Skill Bonus – Athletics +2 Survival +1

Special Abilities

As mentioned earlier, Barbarian is specialized in melee combat and can easily break down a group of enemies. The class also possesses a high damage output that can weaken enemies in no time:

Brute Force – Passive
Available at: Level 5


Brute Force easily overwhelms most of the defense mechanisms of enemies. When on low defense, the Barbarian attacks Fortitude on attacks that usually target Deflection.

One Stands Alone
Available at: Level 5

The ability allows the Barbarian to stand against hordes of enemies and acquire a melee-damage bonus when attacked by two or more enemies, allowing him or her to stand unless flanked by 3 or more enemies.

Available at: Level 7 Passive

It allows Barbarian to increase his or her Damage Reduction.

Available at: Level 5 Passive

Once a Barbarian has downed at least a couple of enemies, he or she receives 1.2x attack speed for a short duration of time.

Threatening Presence
Available at: Level 7 Passive

This makes all enemies within 1.25m radius of the Barbarian Sickened for 3 whole seconds.

Barbaric Yell
Available at: Level 1

The Barbarian lets out a terrifying shriek which Frightens enemies for 12 seconds within 5.0m of the spell caster.

Barbaric Shout
Available at: Level 9

The Barbarian lets out a terrifying shout which Frightens enemies for 20 seconds within 7.5m of the spell caster.

Heart of Fury
Available at: Level 11

The Barbarian delivers a series of quick attacks which deals damage to all nearby enemies and even dishes out extra damage and Carnage from time to time.

Vengeful Defeat
Available at: Level 9 Passive

When dropped down to 0 Endurance, the Barbarian lands instant Carnage Full Attacks to every foe within his or her range.

Savage Defiance
Available at: Level 3

Savage Defiance allows Barbarian to regenerate +80 Endurance in about 12 seconds.

Wild Sprint
Available at: Level 3

Wild Sprint allows Barbarian to gain +3.5 Movement Speed, +12 Defense upon Disengaging, and the ability not to be stopped by Engagement for 5 seconds.

Available at: Level 1

Frenzy sends the Barbarian into a frantic state increasing Might, Constitution, and Attack Speed while causing a Deflection penalty against incoming attacks and conceals HP and Endurance for 12 seconds.

Available at: Level 3 Passive

Blooded increasing the Barbarian’s damage output by 1x every time he or she drops under 50% Endurance.


Accurate Carnage
The talent drastically improves the accuracy of Secondary Carnage Attacks from the Barbarian within 1.5m radius.

Barbaric Blow
With Barbaric Blow, the Barbarian lands a massive blow which deals additional Crit. Damage and extra Crit. Hits. Furthermore, the Carnage also hits a larger area.

Greater Frenzy
Great Frenzy allows the Barbarian to increase Might, Constitution, and Attack Speed while gaining a Deflection penalty against incoming attacks and conceals HP and Endurance for 12 seconds.

Powerful Spirit
It further increases the Movement Speed, Defense, and speed of Wild Sprint for 5 seconds.

Stalwart Defense
The last talent at the Barbarian’s disposal increases the effects of Savage Defiance and grants bonuses to all defenses.

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