Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Enemies Guide – How To Defeat, Enemy Behavior (Combat Tips)

In Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Enemies Guide, we detailed all about all the different types of enemies in the game. Our POE2 Guide covers everything.

In this Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Enemies Guide, we will guide you on different types of enemies found in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. You will encounter these enemies throughout your journey in different environments.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Enemies

There are many different enemies in the world of Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. They range from Dragons to Trolls and Giant Bats. We have detailed all of these monsters below:

Beetles are giant bugs that adapt themselves to the area in which they are present in. They can grow carapaces according to the most common materials of the area such as wood, stone, and Adra. Beetles that grow wood carapaces will sing a song through their many holes in their carapace making others aware of their presence in the area.

Beetles with stone carapaces can grow tusks and horns to fight while beetles with Adra Carapaces can be difficult to kill. Beetles are not that hard to kill overall but they can be trouble if they surround you so avoid being surrounded by beetles.

Phantoms are remnants of dead people who are unable to leave the world entirely. Phantoms will attack you on sight so it is best to either avoid going near them or go prepared for a fight. They will even attack other monsters and enemies around you.

They are different from lost souls in the manner that lost souls cannot interact with physical beings but phantoms can attack anyone.


Ogres are huge creatures that stand around ten to twelve feet tall. They are equipped with clubs, axes or maces and they do not hesitate to attack anyone they see. They are quicker than Trolls are but are weaker in armor. They have thick skins but not as thick as the Trolls do.

They are not intelligent creatures so they mostly tend to focus on brute force to fight rather than using intellect. Dodging is the best way to avoid their attacks.

Shadows are also souls that fail to leave there bodies behind because they were heavily tormented when they were alive. They differ in the sense that they can extract the essence from living creatures in attempts to make themselves completely again. As they continue to extract essence, they become stronger and stronger. This also makes them visible. If a Shadow is mostly visible, it means that it has quite a lot of essence.

Wurms are the young form of dragons who prefer to live in caves in groups with other Wurms. They evolve into Drakes when they get enough space and resources. Even in the youngest stage, they are vicious and do not hesitate to attack anyone they see. They lack the intelligence of their higher development stages but they still pack a punch when they hit.

Spiders or different shapes, sizes and colors are found all over the world in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. They will feast on any animal or human that they see and can bite through the toughest of armors. Their legs that carry them quickly are also a means of attacking its prey. You will encounter Spear Spiders, Ivory Spinners, and Widowmakers in the world.

Out of these Ivory Spinners and Widowmakers are poisonous as well making them even deadlier than the Spear Spiders. Ivory Spiders can even throw web at its prey to slow them down. The spiders can grow to huge sizes in the game so you should expect to see spiders of every size possible in the game.

Lurkers are a colony of deadly carnivorous plants and fungi that work together and hunt prey. They can stand to nearly ten feet with bodies made of vines, leaves, earth, and roots all mangled together. They are very tough to defeat so you should try to aim for the parts that make them unable to move around. Fire works exceptionally well against them.

In the forests of Deadfire, you will come across Lions, which are plenty in number. They are not much harder to kill and they pose little threat when compared to other humongous enemies of the game. Their roar will notify you of their presence in the area.

Dank Spores
Dank Spores are tall mushrooms that have bright and colorful caps. They have a large number of roots at their base. They can move on the forest floor allowing them to catch prey of different sorts around the forest. Avoid getting close to them, as they are extremely aggressive and will attack nearly anything that moves near them.

These are the baby versions of Dank Spores. Although they are small they are more mobile and agile than the full-grown versions. They lack the armor of the full-grown Dank Spores so they are much easier to kill. They feed mostly on dead creatures, as they are too weak to hunt on their own.

Trolls are massive giants that come equipped with razor sharp teeth and giant claws. Their bodies are covered in fungus and other growths that give them a very foul smell. They can use weapons and tools as well if the need arises but they mostly rely on their bare hands to deal with any opposition. They are mostly found in forests as the environment suits them.

Vithrack are creatures with natural cipher abilities, which makes them extremely deadly. They look like a human but their heads are like a spider and they can spin silk too. They do not throw web at their enemies but rather it is used to make hives and clothes for themselves. They use spells and fangs to attack.

They come in various variants such as scouts, defenders and their males and females can be easily distinguished. They are powerful and intelligent beings and will do anything to defend their nests against intruders.

Biawacs are amorphous clouds roaming around with energies packed in them. They are formed within maelstrom and are called as spirit winds as well. These mostly combined lost souls are trapped inside maelstrom. They fight by creating chaos and confusion.

These are delemgan that have been corrupted after their home tree or Adra stone are destroyed. They have dead hair, distorted facial features, and attack anyone that comes close to them with their long talons.

They are easily distinguished, as they love to decorate themselves with skulls, bones, and feathers of creatures that they kill. Their attacks can also inflict poison but they are extremely weak and cannot withstand piercing and crushing attacks for long.

These forest spirits are bound to Adra monuments or ancient trees. They look like elves but their body is made of wood. They can be distinguished easily because they have small lights around them and they glow. If attacked, they use magic to repel attackers or even kill them. They are not always hostile but if provoked they will fight back with force.

The lands of Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire are also home to dragons. They are the most majestic but also the deadliest of all foes in the lands. You will encounter many dragons on your journey and they will pose a serious threat if they ought to engage in battle. They are intelligent creatures and will not usually let you get away from them easily.

Drakes are younger dragons who are not yet matured yet. They are highly territorial and will kill anything that ventures in it even other drakes. They change their colors according to the land they are living in. They can also breathe fire so when you see one, make sure that you maintain a safe distance.

Ooze is a deadly carnivorous mould that grows in dark and dank places. It feeds on small insects, bacteria, and fungi as it steadily grows to new places. Once it is big enough, it can even devour large animals and creatures making them one of the most dangerous moulds in the lands of Deadfire. They can spit corrosive enzymes that can consume even the toughest of armor and skin.

Wisps are found in abandoned places such as ruins or other forgotten places. They do not attack themselves and only retaliate if provoked. They might seem to follow creatures but they do so just in curiosity as they never attack themselves. They are highly territorial and will defend their territory with all their might. They can be troublesome in large numbers.

Giant Bats
They are similar to normal bats but are very big in size. They feed on other creatures and do not leave any sort of creature who enters their domain. They are pretty aggressive and fight with strategy. They will never attack their prey in groups but if they find a lonely wanderer, they will quickly attack and devour the lost soul.

Their mode of attack is to crash in enemies to knock them down and then eat them without giving them a chance to fight back. They can also spread different fatal diseases so even a small bite can be deadly.

Tigers live alone in forests and quietly stalk their prey in the shadows. They jump on their target knocking them down and then snap their necks for a quick kill. Tigers will kill anything that it can especially deer, antelope, and unsuspecting humans. They hunt in such silence that some even say that they turn into mist while stalking their prey.

Panthers are also found in jungles and swamps. Sometimes you might even encounter one in the desert or other open areas. They hunt alone and are furiously territorial. They hide in bushes and wait for the perfect opportunity to hunt for their prey. Their legs are excellent for pouncing on the enemies and their bite can cut through the toughest of skin.

Effigy of Skaen
These are creatures formed by the will of gods only if they accept the human sacrifice made by the offering party. These could be called assassins as they only come alive for killing their target and will vanish after their purpose has been served. They possess immense strength and cannot feel pain as they have the power of gods themselves.

Sea Dragons
Sea Dragons are found inside oceans, which are very deep and dark. They sometimes come to seaside caves and rocks that are close to their watery homes. They spend most of their time outside water but near to water.

They mostly go underwater when they want to hunt or look for an easy source of food. They even ambush boats when they are bigger in size. Bigger and mature Sea Dragons can spend much longer underwater as they can fend for themselves against bigger predators.

Magma Dragons
Magma Dragons are found near volcanoes and active lava zones. They are extremely territorial and do not hesitate to eliminate any creature in their domain. They also boast extremely long lifespans. Their bodies have special scales that can absorb heat and give out smoke making lava zones and volcanoes their perfect habitat.

Skeleton Savants
Skeletons attack anything that moves and they are rather easy to defeat. Since they are made of bone, they have no use consuming their kills afterward. They can sometimes absorb enemy essence but that is only of a very basic level.

Undead Skeletons turn into bone dust after a certain amount of time if nothing kills it. Savants might include warriors, wizards and other battle-oriented people who died in battle. They are more battle-hardened and some even use special combat skills to attack.

Krakens rule the oceans. They dwell in the deepest of the oceans and come out only to hunt and destroy. Although they are a rare sight when they do emerge, few remain to tell the tale of the encounter. They feature huge tentacles that can crush anything that comes in its path. They are cunning and hunt with finesse rather than brute force.

Eotens might look similar to ogres but they are far bigger and vicious than ogres. They possess even less intelligence than ogres so they rely on brute force when it comes to combat. They have uncontrollable tempers and are always ready to fight. They live alone and do not allow any other creature to come near them even their own type.

Constructs are Animancers creations and they are used for a variety of purposes such as bodyguards and battle soldiers. They are magical beings and are prone to many sorts of problems during a fight.

Brine Imps
Brine Imps are similar to normal Imps but they are under the influence of magic. They are found in sea caves and islands near boat routes so that they easily ambush people. They attack ships and boats carrying magical items for their own needs.

Imps are troublemakers and they actively seek other creatures to bother. They do not linger at a place for too long and keep moving here and there to find and annoy more people. The ways by which they annoy can differ and could include toxic gases, teleporting, stealing, and physically harming others.

They are also under the service of different wizards and intellects who bind them using magic. They can be made to work as spies, thieves or assassins.

Grubs dig holes and borrow in the ground. They live underground and only surface to hunt when it has exhausted all of its energy by making colonies and tunnels underground. Their main weapon in battle is their corrosive saliva, which can be lethal to almost any living creature. There are different types of Grubs. Common types are Cave Grublings, Sand Grubs, and Cave Grubs.

Cave Grublings are found in caves and they are the most working grubs. This means that they expend most of their energy so they need to eat as well to replenish it making them vicious hunters or other creatures. Sand Grubs are found in harsh environments or deserts and develop thick rocky carapaces to survive the harsh environment.

They have specialized tissues that can collect humidity, which keeps water stored for longer periods of time. They kill prey by ambushing them and they can wait for ages for anything to appear near their hunting grounds. Cave grubs are similar to cave Grublings but are huge in size. They are extremely rare and are very difficult to find.

Naga are large reptiles that are intelligent when it comes to hunting. They might appear to be humanoids but there is nothing humanly about them. They live in societies and divide roles among their species. They possess ambition and cunning and can use swords to fight. They have a large number of skirmishers and elite commanders. Some also take the role of a shaman.

Animancers experiment with the bodies of other creatures and use them to create useful beings. They can create constructs and vessels, which are used for different purposes such as patrols, guards, and attendants.

Alguls are normal Guls but they have been infused with magic by wizards. Only wizards can transform Guls into Alguls. They are much more powerful and intelligent creatures then Guls and are harder to defeat in a fight.

Wraiths are also spirits of dead people who are unable to leave the lands because of tragedies and violence did on them. They attack living creatures fearlessly to consume their essence and they are always looking for a fight. They can easily separate a prey from a large group, then snatch them, and take them away to devour them at will.

Lagufaeth are large four-armed amphibian creatures that have thick skin for protection. They can easily withstand the cold climate of White March, as this is the location where they dwell. They can hide under ice and attack enemies suddenly by popping out of ice. They like to live in mountains where there are frequent ice storms and snowfall.

Death Guards
Death Guards are very rare undead beings that are formed when paladins and warriors die but refuse to leave the earth. They are made of bone as the flesh is consumed but they can wield weapons and fight with the same power and vigor as their former selves.

They can live forever unless they are killed by someone. They can shoot fireballs, summon shadows and kill with deadly curses as they are partially connected with the realm of the dead.

Wild Boar
Wild Boars are common in the land of Deadfire. Although they are not too hard to kill but they are annoying and come in large numbers. They are aggressive and have no fear so they attack relentlessly. They live in large groups.

Xaurips are also a type of reptilian humanoids that love to wear the bones of their killed enemies. They love to fight and are often engaged in fights with their rival tribes. They love to collect large feathers. They are aggressive to strangers but they live in far-off secluded areas making encounters with them rare. They worship dragons and are ferociously territorial.

These are giant mammalian creatures and live in caves which have nearly no light. Their vision is extremely weak and they depend on their hearing to locate prey and hunt. They mostly spend their lives in dark gloomy caves and very seldom come out in the light. They can also communicate with each other using screeches and clicks.

Guls are found in secluded environments and devour creatures, as they love flesh. They are dangerous killers and are always looking for food. They even eat dead creatures, as they do not leave anything in their path.

Revenants are the worst form of the Guls. They are undead and possess no intelligence. They mostly feed on dead or dying creatures and bodies.

Flesh Constructs
These are created by Animancers using a captured soul. They follow simple instructions that are fed to them and they do not live long lives.

Fampyrs are formed when the kith have their lives extended by unnatural means. They keep their original self for some time but eventually, they start to decay and start losing memories and sanity. This extension comes at a price that these creatures will gradually reach a state where they are neither dead nor alive and their flesh decays unless someone takes pity on them and kills them.

Darguls are the first stage on a dead body, which is under the process of irreversible decay. It is alive only because of soul energy and possesses most of their memories and mental abilities. They crave flesh in this flesh so they attack any creature that comes close to them. They are highly aggressive creatures and do not hold back against an enemy.

Animats are created as protectors and guardians. They are created using the souls of strong warriors and servants that can fight and defend their masters without any problem. They are mostly used by Animancers as personal guards.

The main difference between Animats and other creations is that the souls used for Animats are extremely loyal which allow them to be excellent and loyal bodyguards.

This concludes our Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Enemies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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