Pikmin 3 Secret Memos/Data Files Locations Guide

Pikmin 3 is a sequel to the 2004 Nintendo Gamecube game, and is one of Nintendo’s classics. A true console RTS game, Pikmin 3 is a lot of fun and has several memorable characters and boss fights to its name. However, for any true Pikmin fan, simply ending the game is not enough.

There is a special kind of collectible in the game called Data Files, and among them, there is a special type of Data file called a ‘Secret Memo’. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto commented via Miiverse that the Secret Memos combine to form a special code for a soon-to-be-announced purpose.

So to help you out we’ve compiled this guide to help you find the Secret Memos as some of them can be difficult to find. For more help on Pikmin 3, read our Fruits Locations and Equipment Locations Guide.

Pikmin 3 Secret Memos/Data Files Locations

Secret Memo #1: Tropical Wilds
Location. The first Secret Memo can be located on the western end of the map. You can find it hidden atop a grass-covered mesa there. There is a platform here that raises up if you go around the ridge and bounce some Pikmin up on a bouncy shroom to a switch.

Secret Memo #2: Frozen Tundra
Location. This Memo is hidden at the same location where you find the Cupid’s Grenade fruit. It is on top of a snowman’s head.

Secret Memo #3: Garden of Hope
Location. Go to the island near the boss’ lair, and you will find this secret memo inside a flowerpot there.

Secret Memo #4: Twilight River
Location. Search underneath a pile of bridge tiles on a tiny jutting plot of land in the southern part of the map in order to locate this Memo.

Secret Memo #5: Formidable Oak
Location. After you have constructed and crossed the bridge in this area, head left and break through the barrier to enter a new location. Take the first right down the path and destroy a couple of mushroom to find this.

Secret Memo #6: Garden of Hope
Location. You will find this memo hidden above the scales in the Garden of Hope.

Secret Memo #7: Twilight River
Location. You’ll be able to collect this as you’re going up the tree heading towards the Scornet boss fight. You need to throw a crew member over the edge of the east side of the tree root path just past the bridge leading up to the boss.

Secret Memo #8: Frozen Tundra
Location. Find this in the section far northwestern section of the frozen tundra, where you use the winged Pikmin to raise a bamboo gate. You’ll find the file near an open circuit.

Secret memo #9: Tropical Wilds
Location. Take some blue Pikmin and head into the water to the south of the landing site. Go west from the water to find a water tunnel that leads to a new area. Here look for a small pool of water in an alcove in the southern wall of the enclosure. There you will find this file.

Secret Memo #10: Formidable Oak
Location. When you complete the blue bridge in the second area of Formidable Oak, move across to the next platform and activate some Bloominous Stemples. Move across them to find the Secret Memo.

Comment if there is anything confusing and we will try to help you out!

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