Pikmin 3 Olimar’s Journal Entries/Diary Entries Locations Guide

Pikmin 3 is a sequel to the 2004 Nintendo Gamecube game, and is one of Nintendo’s classics.

A true console RTS game, Pikmin 3 is a lot of fun and has several memorable characters and boss fights to its name. However, for any true Pikmin fan, simply ending the game is not enough.

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Pikmin 3 Olimar’s Journal Entries Locations

There is a special kind of collectible in the game called Data Files, and among them, there is a special type of Data file called a ‘Journal Entry’. They are signed by Captain Olimar and there aare two types.

The first are Olimar’s diary pages that give the Koppai traveler insight into the events of the previous games. The second group are region hints that give clues to accessing secret areas.

There are 10 diary entries to collect.

Journal Entry #1: Garden of Hope
Location. This data file is found in the area with the boss fight with the Quaggled Mireclops. Search the mud to the back of the enclosure, near the edge of the area.

Journal Entry #2: Garden of Hope
Location. You find this just right of the wall that Louie destroys here.

Journal Entry #3: Garden of Hope
Location. You will find this journal entry on the path to the Armored Mawdad’s lair.

Journal Entry #4: Tropical Wilds
Location. For this one, we head back the way we came on the very first day. Take all of your Pikmin and crew and head back to Alph’s landing site (where alph first met the first red Pikmin). Note: You can’t get this on the first day.

You won’t be able to take all of your forces up there, as one crewmember inevitably gets left on a lower ledge with no one to throw him. Once you’re at the water in which Alph landed, take a swim to find the data file in the pool.

Journal Entry #5: Distant Tundra
Location. You will get this one when you defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat and rescue captain Charlie.

Journal Entry #6: Twilight River
Location. You’ll get this one by exploring the dark cave in the Twilight River. It’s hidden underwater

Journal Entry #7: Formidable Oak
Location. You’ll find this one as you are ascending the great tree.

Journal Entry #8: Formidable Oak
Location. There is a dark area here and a circuit that completes a lightbulb that you need two crewmembers to access. You will find the entry here.

Journal Entry #9: Formidable Oak
Location. Find this one just past the first bridge that you construct in the area

Journal Entry #10: Formidable Oak
Location. When you finally get to the part where you find Captain Olimar, free him from the strange orb and Brittany departs with him, there will be a small dirt mound nearby. Inside is a data file so get your Pikmin to retrieve it for you.

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