Pikmin 3 Equipment Locations Guide – How To Unlock Abilities

Pikmin 3 is the third installment in Pikmin franchise. This console RTS was released on 13th of July in Japan and 26th of July in Europe exclusively for Nintendo Wii U. The game is developed by Nintendo EAD.

Along with the fruits that you can collect throughout the game there are four additional pieces of equipment that allow your crew members to have some additional abilities.

These optional pieces of equipment are scattered throughout the world of Pikmin 3 and the guide below will provide you with comprehensive information as to where to get them.

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Pikmin 3 Equipment Locations

Anti-Electrifier can be found during the day 5 at Captain Charlie’s starting spot during day 1. This is also the same place where you will fight Arctic Cannon Larva. It will be buried well under the snow so make sure to use plenty of Yellow Pikmin – as they are good and fast at digging – to get it out.

Anti-Electrifier can be found in the Distant Tundra and needs ten Pikmin to carry and transfer it to ship. Just as the name suggests, Anti-Electrifier allows you to become immune to electric attacks and other similar attacks.

Dodge Whistle
Dodge Whistle can be found during the day 4. After defeating the Joustmite on the ledge, you will see the Dodge Whistle lying on a ledge at your south. Use the Bouncy Mushroom lying there to get this amazing piece of equipment.

Dodge Whistle can also be found in the Distant Tundra and needs ten Pikmin to collect it. Dodge Whistle allow you to make your squad dodge incoming attacks. You can either press right-directional button or left-directional button to give the particular direction in which you want them to dodge the attack.

Metal Suit Z
It can be found during the 7th day. It can be found on the southeast of the landing site on a raised platform. This is also the same place where Alph starts on Day 1. It will take at least 10 Pikmin to collect it and get it back to ship.

Metal Suit Z can be found in the Tropical Wilds and need ten Pikmin to carry it to other places. This equipment allows your crew members to receive minimal damage from enemy attacks. It comes in very handy while exploration as you will NOT receive much of a damage if you run into Spotty Bulbear and other enemies.

Scorch Guard
Scorch Guard can be found during the 13th day. Make your way to the southeast of the map at the three-way intersection created by joined paths. Follow the water’s edge and pass through the intersection. There you will find your final piece of equipment bring excavated.

Scorch Guard can be found in the Twilight River and need ten Pikmin to carry it. This equipment make your crew members resistant to fire. This allows you to freely fight fiery enemies and while destroying fire geysers.

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