Pikmin 3 Data Files Locations Guide – Secret Memos, Journal Entries and More!

Pikmin 3 is a sequel to the 2004 Nintendo Gamecube game, and is one of Nintendo’s classics. A true console RTS game, Pikmin 3 is a lot of fun and has several memorable characters and boss fights to its name. However, for any true Pikmin fan, simply ending the game is not enough, all of the Data files must be collected as well.

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Pikmin 3 Data Files Locations

There are 90 collectable Data Files scattered throughout the game’s Story mode. Data Files provide useful information about Pikmin behavior, game controls, indigenous life, and more.

Most Data Files are located in plain sight, but occasionally you’ll find them buried in Dirt Mounds, hidden under obstacles, or tucked away in easy-to-miss areas. We are listing down some of the difficult Data Files that are easy to miss.

As such we have compiled this guide, which should help you in locating all of the files.

Day 1 – Tropical Wilds

Pikminology #1
Location. This is the first Data File you find, and is pretty damn hard to miss. As you progress on this day, you will find your path being blocked by a large cardboard box. You will eventually have to get rid of it (as part of the story campaign) and doing so will reveal the file.

Day 2 – Garden of Hope

Location. When Day 2 begins, you will complete the bridge to the south and defeat the sleeping Bulborb. Once that’s done, search around in the nearby clover patches to find this data file in the same area.

Pikminology #4 & Rock Pikmin #1
Location. Both of these are found in the same general location. As you proceed on this day, you’ll come to a cave where you find a Medusal Slurker with several Rock Pikmin trapped inside its body (this is the first time we see Rock Pikmin).

You will find a data file near the onion here, and another trapped inside one of the crystals in the cave. Use the rock Pikmin to shatter the crystals.

Throwing Leaders
Location. After you’ve obtained some rock Pikmin, you need to smash a crystal wall in order to free Brittany. Just right of the wall, you can find this data file.

Go Here!, Pikminology #5 & Red Pikmin #1
Location. All three of these can be collected if you smash the crystal wall north of your landing site and continue north. As you go, keep an eye on the right side of the area to find these three data files.

Red Pikmin #2, Rock Pikmin #3 & Yellow Wollywog
Location. After getting the last three files, there will be a Dirt Wall in the area to the east. There are three more data files to be found here. Two of them are underwater, one each in the pools of water to either side of the dirt wall.

The third is near some Skitter Leaves to the south of the dirt wall.

Day 3 – Garden of Hope

Armored Mawdad #1 & Armored Mawdad #2
Location. When you go and have your first bossfight of the game against the Armored Mawdad, you can find these two data files on opposite sides of the back of the cave in which the fight takes place.

One data file is located in an alcove to the west side, the other is hidden inside a mushroom on the opposite side. Break open all the mushrooms to find it.

Day 4 – Distant Tundra

Pikminology #6
Location. In the northern-most section of the main area of this map, when you’re playing as Brittany here, there will be a section where you fight a large Whiptongue Bulborb and then knock down a velvety Dreamdrop from a branch above.

When you knock it loose, you’ll have to reach it using a long snakey path that you slide along. On this path you will find the data file.

Day 5 – Distant Tundra

Vehemoth Phosbat #1
Location. This data file is collected when you enter the same cave in which captain Charlie was ambushed right in the beginning of the game. When you use your yellow Pikmin to complete a circuit to light up the first lightbulb it will trigger a cinematic.

The light will also activate some Bloominous Stemples, which you can then use to reach the ledge with the data file on it.

Vehemoth Phosbat #2
Location. In the lair of the Vehemoth Phosbat is a bridge you construct in order to reach a car battery. To the right of this bridge you can find this data file. I suggest you beat the bat first though.

Day 6 – Distant Tundra

Secret Memo #2
Location. East of the landing site, and south of the long bridge you can find a small rock outcropping ontop of which is a data file. The only way to reach this is to throw one of your crewmembers up there.

Bearded Amprat
Location. On the western side of the main area of this map is a higher ledge that can be accessed by making a ramp out of hay. As you travel north along this ledge you can find a data file in an alcove that will come up on your left.

Day 7 – Tropical Wilds

Journal Entry #4
Location. For this one, we head back the way we came on the very first day. Take all of your Pikmin and crew and head back to Alph’s landing site (where alph first met the first red Pikmin).

You won’t be able to take all of your forces up there, as one crewmember inevitably gets left on a lower ledge with no one to throw him. Once you’re at the water in which Alph landed, take a swim to find the data file in the pool.

Pikminology #10
Location. For this one you need to find your way to the eastern part of the main area of this map, where you find a path which loops with a hairpin turn. Stick to the west side of this path as you go along it and you should find the data file before too long.

Day 8 – Tropical Wilds

Sandbelching Meerslug #1 & Sandbelching Meerslug #2
Location. Follow the signal and proceed immediately west from the landing site. You will eventually have a boss fight with the Sandbelching Meerslug. After you defeat it, take a look over at the raised area surrounding the enclosure.

You’ll find two dirt mounds that can be dug up. Toss up some yellow Pikmin to do just that and they’ll bring back a data file apiece.

Day 9 – Tropical Wilds

Location. Head into the narrow passage that’s directly west of the landing site, you may have to clear away some gravel. Here you must proceed uphill along a winding path where large rocks periodically roll down to crush you.

Avoid the stones to eventually reach an Armored Cannon Larva. Defeat it, then grab the data file that is on the tree stump behind it.

Day 10 – Tropical Wilds

Secret Memo #10
Location. To find this data file, you need to head to the northern part of the map, where you will find a tree root leading up to a stump. In the middle of the stump is a hole that leads to a fight with a Medusal Slurker.

Don’t drop down here. Instead you can find a data file to the side of the stump. Throw a crewmember there to collect it.

Day 11 – Twilight River

Desiccated Skitter Leaf
Location. Upon landing, use the lillypads to cross the river to the north, and then destroy the electric gate to the east. In this area, destroy the spotcaps to reveal a data file, ripe for the taking.

Day 12 – Twilight River

Burrowing Snagret
Location. Break down the wall to the west of the landing site and head southeast across the river to reach a new area. Just before you come to land, dive into the water to find this data file.

Toady Bloyster
Location. Now you need to make your way to the southwest and catch a lily pad ride through the tunnel. Head further southwest until you get to the tip of the map. Here you’ll find the data file under a pile of fragments.

Secret Memo #1
Location. Now head to the southern platform of the same map. Near the northern tip of this platform is a pylon with fragments on it blocked by a web. Clear away the fragments and you’ll find this data file.

Day 13

Winged Pikmin #4
Location. Head back to the other area we went to yesterday (through the tunnel). And head to the bridge right in the middle of the area. Underneath it you can find a data file in an alcove.

Secret Memo #7
Location. This data file is located south of the large stump in the Twilight River.

To find it, cross the bridge, then toss a crew member down to the large roots east of the path . Switch to that crew member, then search the ledge to find the Data File

Scornet Maestro
Location. After the boss battle with the Scornet Maestro, destroy the nearby spotcaps to reveal another data file.

Day 14 – Garden of Hope

Rescuing from Bubbles
Location. For this data file you need to head directly south from the landing site. You may encounter barriers and an unfinished bridge but if you manage to pass these obstacles you’ll find yourself on a platform on the water.

Near the southern tip of this platform is a pit in which you can find the data file. There is also a citrus lump that you can use as reference.

Day 16 – Garden of Hope

Quaggled Mireclops #1 & Quaggled Mireclops #2
Location. These data files can be located right after the boss fight with the Quaggled Mireclops in the mud pit to the south of the map. After the fight, look for the two small mushrooms just west of the enclosure’s entrance.

Throw a Pikmin at each of the mushrooms to reveal the files.

Journal Entry #1
Location. This data file is also found in the area with the boss fight. Search the mud to the back of the enclosure, near the edge of the area.

Day 17 – Garden of Hope

Secret Memo #4
Location. You’ll find this data file on one of those balancing contraptions where there are two tins that are connected by string. When one goes up, the other goes down. Head into the area northwest of the landing site.

Day 18 – Distant Tundra

Secret Memo #6
Location. Head north across the long bridge from the landing site. Past the bridge, go left towards the west. Go through the (hopefully inactive) electric gate and enter the cave to the left just as you pass it.

There will be a barrier here but proceed to the center of the next area to find three walls forming a triangle in the center of the cave. The file is here.

Day 20 – Tropical Wilds

Secret Memo #8
Location. Take some blue Pikmin and head into the water to the south of the landing site. Go west from the water to find a water tunnel that leads to a new area. Here look for a small pool of water in an alcove in the southern wall of the enclosure. There you will find this file.

Day 23 – Formidable Oak

Journal Entry #10
Location. When you finally get to the part where you find Captain Olimar, free him from the strange orb and Brittany departs with him, there will be a small dirt mound nearby. Inside is a data file so get your Pikmin to retrieve it for you.

Mysterious Life Form #1
Location. After the scene where the mysterious life form is chasing you, (right after you obtain Olimar) you’ll come to an area with a Sleeping Bulborb right in the middle. There is a data file on the narrow path to the west of the enclosure.

Secret Memo #5
Location. After you have constructed and crossed the bridge in this area, head left and break through the barrier to enter a new location. Take the first right down the path and destroy a couple of mushroom to find this.

Day 24 – Formidable Oak

Secret Memo #3 & Closed Path
Location. When you complete the blue bridge in the second area of Formidable Oak, move across to the next platform and activate some Bloominous Stemples. Move across them to find a data file and more bloominous stemples.

Move across these as well. A bit to the north you will find a dirt mound with another data file.

Day 25 – Formidable Oak

Plasm Wraith #3 & Plasm Wraith #4
Location. Found in the area where you finally have the final boss fight with the Plasm Wraith (aka the Mysterious Lifeform).The first Data File is hiding in a small alcove northwest of the center of the area.

The Plasm Wraith drops the second Data File as the battle progresses.

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will try to help you out!

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