Pikmin 3 Bingo Battles Strategy Guide – Cards, Maps, Battle and Items

In Pikmin 3, Bingo Battles is certainly the most fun thing to do. Well, at least for me.

For those of you who doesn’t know what Bingo Battles are? Let me tell you that in Bingo Battles, you and your opponents race to complete the squares on top of your Bingo Cards by completing certain objective and collecting other things dotted throughout the area.

The player which completes a total of four squares in a line on his/her Bingo Card wins the battle. For more help on Pikmin 3, read our Fruits Locations, Equipment Locations and Secret Memo/Files Locations guide.

Pikmin 3 Bingo Battles Strategy Guide

Bingo Cards

When a Bingo Battle commences, each player is provided with a randomly generated Bingo Card which contains a squares of things that need to be done. Once a player completes an objective, the corresponding square is activated.

Each player must activate four squares in a line in order to win the battle. The squares can be activated in line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. When a player activates three squares, a notification appears on his/her screen followed by the illumination of the next square that needs completion.

Furthermore, note that a question mark (?) on a Bingo Card points out that the certain objective is located inside an enemy. So keep an eye on it!

How To Unlock the Maps

Most of the maps in the game are locked when you first start your Bingo Battles. However, the maps tend to unlock in a sequence as you play more battles. Completing tasks is very important in order to unlock more maps.

How To Initiate

It is very important to choose a controller prior to starting your battle. You can then select your map that you would like to play and adjust your settings accordingly.

How To Adjust Battle Settings

Prior to entering your Bingo Battle. You can set up the following three things:

  • Victory Macaroon: Before starting the game you can place a Victory Macaroon in the battle. The purpose of this is that if you manage to collect your opponent’s Victory Macaroon, you get an instant win.
  • You can select 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 depending upon whether each player controls one crew member or two crew members.
  • You can also select the number of Pikmin allotted to each player during the battle.

Items Overview

Collecting a Cupid’s Grenade during a Bingo Battle rewards you with randomly generated item. Press ‘down’ on your D-Pad to give in the Cupid’s Grenade and use the provided item. Each item in the game has a very different outcome from the others but some are such extreme powerful that these items can turn the tables for a player.

Note that you can gather upto five Cupid’s Grenades at a given time and if you manage to collect a Golden Grenade, your empty slots are filled in at that moment.

The brief details regarding each item in the game is given below:

+10 Pikmin
This allows you to have ten extra Pikmin with you.

+5 Pikmin
This allows you to have five additional Pikmin with you.

Bomb Rock
This item explodes shortly after being thrown.

Enemy Annihilator
This item defeats all the enemies present on the screen at the time it is used.

This item strikes your enemy with the lightening. Thus temporarily disabling them.

Lucky Marble
Lucky Marble activates one square on your Bingo Card.

Macaroon Recovery
This item allows you have your stolen Macaroon back.

Just like its name – this item explodes shortly after it has been thrown.

Rock Storm
This item bombards your enemies with Rocks.

This is a pretty useful item if used at the right time as it shuffles your opponent’s Bingo Card.

Ultra-Spicy Spray
This item increases the damage of your Pikmin attacks for a short span of time.

This items channelizes your enemy to another location.

Bingo Battle Strategy and Tips

While forming a game plan for a Bingo Battle, there are a lot of things that you should consider like the number of Pikmin available to you, whether or not Macaroon is active, what strategy your opponent might be using, items available to you, and in what way the objectives are arranged in your Bingo Card.

It would definitely seem like a ton of things while reading this. But here are some easy strategies that you can use while playing the game and you will certainly do good.

It is always a good idea to imagine what objective would be most beneficial for your team and then grab them before the other team does. In this way, you will cause a hindrance in their victory.

Increase the number of your Pikmin! Defeat enemies and do other things that will ensure the maximum number of Pikmin in your squad and then charge an attack on the enemy team. And in case, your enemy starts to rebuild its squad again. Refrain them from doing so!

You can also confront your enemy by collecting as much Cupid’s Grenades as you can carry and then gather items from them for using it against your enemy.

Always think about the ways of increasing the number of Pikmin in your squad. After gathering enough number of Pikmin, think about completing the lines in your Bingo Card. You should always play objective!

And most importantly, keep on playing the game! After playing for a few hours, you will come up with a specific strategy of yours that you can use. However, it is always a good idea to catch your opponent by surprise by using a game plan that he won’t expect from you.

That’s pretty much all we have on Bingo Battles. Give us your feedback and suggestions and if you have some strategy, do share it with us in the Comment Section below!

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