Pikachu Fan Jersey by Adidas Support Japan for FIFA World Cup 2014

We are only 10 days away from the mega event that is FIFA World Cup 2014, and nearly everyone is doing their best to stand in support for their national teams. This includes Pikachu as well, that will be appearing on official fan jerseys for the Japanese.

We reported couple of months ago that Adidas and Nintendo had announced Pikachu as the official mascot for the Japanese national football team. However, this is the first that we have heard of the jerseys.

This shouldn’t actually be a surprise for the fans of the sport as Nintendo’s policies include encouragement of licenses for other companies.

Inside Games, a Japanese website has reported on the news and also provided a price tag for the Pikachu fan jersey. It will cost 7400 Yen. This is equivalent to $73.

I am sure many of the fans are going to go all in on these blue beauties – and that includes fans of Pokemon as well as the football fans.

Apparently, the Japan team needs all the support they can muster and what could be stouter than the iconic Pokemon from the gaming world!


The Pikachu fan jersey is going to be a replica of the home jersey of Japan, except that the national team will not have the Pokemon on their chest.

Among other goods to be made on the same theme, we are expecting Adidas to announce T-shirts, scarves and towels.

Do you think having the Pikachu fan jersey would gather more support for the Japanese team than otherwise? Are you going to be one of the guys purchasing it?

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