Pictures Of Blizzard’s Social Changes Find Their Way Online

Rumors of a large number of social changes have finally borne some fruit, according to a new thread on NeoGAF. The thread in question has acquired a number of pictures that show off how you would make groups and channels in a similar manner to what Discord currently has.

While Blizzard’s official game client had previously had ways to chat with your friends, there weren’t any group chats before this rumored update, with most players having to communicate in a game with one another (though you could still make use of the chat by playing in a windowed mode.) These new adjustments will hopefully allow users to be able to talk with each other more.

Another part of the social changes that Blizzard will be adding in the client is the addition of player avatars, meaning that you can take one of many different pre-established pictures from all of Blizzard’s different games and make it your profile picture. Along with the avatar, players can also make bios, add social media links, and more to personalize the profile how you want it.

The various adjustments to the chat and profile system of the system have been discovered through a datamining work, but despite that we still don’t really have any idea of when these updates will be coming out.

The Discord-esque chat and the avatar pictures are only one of the more recent social changes that have made their way to the service, which has also included emojis and the app that recently came out for mobile. It’s unlikely that the chat and avatar changes will be the last ones either, but hopefully they’ll work immediately.

Blizzard will hopefully officially announce the social changes sometime in the future, so all you have to do is wait for those changes to come out in order to better chat with your fellow Blizzard game players.