Phoenix Point Gameplay Tips

Phoenix Point is a very difficult game for beginners, it requires patience and strategies, something gamers might be familiar with if they have some experience with X-Com games. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the main objectives you need to follow in order to maintain your Base in good condition and provide you with essential Phoenix Point Gameplay tips that can help you survive longer.

Phoenix Point Gameplay Tips

Using vehicles
Scarab is the best vehicle available in Phoenix Point. It can carry powerful long-range weapons and you can also invite your fellow soldiers inside to save them from danger.

Building this vehicle may take some time but the results won’t disappoint you.

Use high ground
Using the high ground is an essential part of the game. You can send your soldiers on top of the highest ground and they can look out for any moving adversary from that position. This way you’ll have full information about the opponent whereabouts; that eventually determines the result of the mission. Therefore, always use the high ground.

Use an Aircraft
Just like building a vehicle at the start, you’ll have to make/steal an aircraft very early in Phoenix Point. This way you’ll complete missions fast and respond to threats sooner.

Dealing with damaged units
Every unit consists of different body parts and each of them have a particular health value. Medkit comes handy for recovering the hitpoints in battles but doesn’t heal the damaged parts of the unit’s body.

Once you’ve completed the mission, the body parts of your units will be recovered but overall hitpoints are not affected until you rest at a base with a Medical Bay.

Look out for weak opponents
Never underestimate your opponent even if they’re weak-links of their unit. It doesn’t matter if the enemy is the weakest or the strongest when in possession of their device, they can easily kill each and every soldier in your unit.

Therefore, always deal with each opponent in the same manner.

Use free-aiming and the overwatch feature
If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to aim at the target, you can use free-aim to shoot directly at the target.

Or you can use a cone in front of your soldiers to overwatch the coming opponent; which requires some action points.

This way they’ll shoot at the adversary, once spotted. Use CTRL and mouse wheel to cover up half of the map with the 180-degree feature of the cone and locate any adversary from miles away.

Use tools to change the in-game speed
You can change the in-game speed setting according to your own desire. At default speed, one hour passes every second. At the slowest speed, 5 minutes pass every second.

At the highest speed, 5 hours pass every second. Simply use the tool seen on the right of the screen.

Changing the pace of the game can provide you time to think about your next move.

Use Trade and Missions to balance your resources
There are three important resources in Phoenix Point; Tech, Materials, and Food.

Without these three resources, you’ll have a hard time leveling up the Phoenix Project. Therefore, balance these three resources and expand the Project.

And once you’ve researched the Haven Trade Protocols technology, you’ll easily decrease the bottlenecks by exchanging resources with different faction havens.

Build Medical Bays and Training Facilities
There are two things you should never leave in your Phoenix Base; Medical Bay and Training Facility.

Your soldiers fight for their lives on the field and get injured. They require rest and recovery as soon as possible. This is where Medical Bay plays a part in your base, your soldiers are healed and are ready to get back to the fight as soon as they are a hundred percent.

Let’s talk about the purpose of the Training Facility. The Training Facility makes sure that even the off-duty soldiers are leveling up.

And when the time comes, they’ll be used properly in the battle.

Be Careful with the Area Scanning
Area scanning is an integral part of exploring in Phoenix Point.

You can use your Base Satellite Uplinks to have as many Area Scans you want to control. This way you’ll have an entire land scanned just by clicking on the radar icon (at the lowest part of the screen).

Be sure to use them wisely and have the least one scan running.

Try to maintain your Base economy
Keep exploring things and finding different ways to develop your base by building new things on it.

Perform trades, collect resources. This way you’ll maintain the decent economy rate of your Base in Phoenix Point.

Stick to the main story missions
In Phoenix Point, your main task is to stick to the main story missions.

Do not indulge in exploring and scanning so much that the Pandorans become more superior to you.

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