Phoenix Point Factions and Diplomacy Guide

Phoenix Point features three main, primary factions in the game: New Jericho, Synedrion, and the Disciples of Anu. These factions will introduce you to powerful technology, beliefs, military power, and so much more as you attempt to save humanity, with Phoenix Point’s tactical gameplay, from getting wiped out after the alien invasion. But of course their allegiance isn’t easy and you need to be diplomatic where this Phoenix Point Factions and Diplomacy guide comes in.

Phoenix Point Factions and Diplomacy

There are Havens, some are controlled by the faction while the other is independent Havens which are not loyal to and under any of the three factions.

Discovering each faction is going to unlock a research project that is going to help you understand the faction in more detail.

Below is all the information, in detail, about all of the three factions, their attributes, and the roles that these factions play in Phoenix Point.

Disciples of Anu
Disciples of Anu is a religion that follows Anu, their God, and their belief is that the Mist was sent by their God as a punishment of the crimes and wrongdoings of humanity.

Now this wraith of their God is a way for them to purify themselves from their sins. This is a reason why this faction wants to weaponize themselves and control the Pandora Virus which is very dangerous for humans.

They are not really strong in the technology area rather their specialization is in biotechnology. They are using the strains of Pandora Virus in order to use it in mutation and make themselves more abled in the military factors.

They also have the skills to build and pilot aircraft. These ships have modified the ways of transport to a whole new level by carrying eight units at one time and transporting them quickly to the desired locations.

Then there are the two classes of soldiers that Disciples of Anu produces. The first class is the Berserker, who have been mutated successfully and are now very strong and powerful.

They know how to use their armor and weaponry in combats. The second class is the Priest. This class is also mutated but it is different than Berserker as they are more specialized in controlling the units of enemies.

New Jericho
New Jericho was founded by, CEO of Vanadium Incorporated who was the first company to encounter the Pandora Virus.

Tobias West, the CEO, wanted to preserve the humanity for which he started to gather all the like-minded individuals, veterans, survivalists, and others to form New Jericho.

New Jericho is in a constant struggle to free humanity from the Pandora Virus which completely opposes the beliefs of Disciples of Anu and this is why these two factions clash each other.

What makes New Jericho different from the other two factions is it being highly militaristic and it wants to see humanity back in its natural form.

It wants to eradicate every strain of the virus from Earth and is highly against all the mutations done by using it as a source.

The faction focuses on military weaponry and they keep advancing it in order to fight the Pandora Virus and eliminate it from Earth. Another focus of New Jericho is working on Cybernetics.

They are constructing and modernizing bionic replacements for the missing limbs of the soldiers.

There are the drones that the faction makes which will be used by the soldiers in the combat.

In soldiers, you can recruit Assault, Sniper, and Heavy classes.

There is a unique class of Technician that the faction provides you with. It is an exosuit-clad specialist which can deploy automated turrets and also heal the friendly soldiers.

Synedrion has a focal point of their faction, which is freedom. They believe in liberation and support freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of belief, freedom of assembly, and freedom of movement. They are a neutral faction who just want to focus on bringing back the humanity in humans.

They consider all human beings to be equal to each other and provide them with the same rights.

You do not have to be of a special class in order to acquire these rights. These are yours in whatever manner you are.

Synedrion knows the importance of ecology in human life which is why they want to create an environment that is ecologically strong.

Synderion strongly opposes the idea of capitalism and supports the ideal world of communism.

Synedrion considers humans to be fully capable of handling the world together rather than giving all the power in the hands of a private organization.

Synerdrion supports a democratic world that has representatives to pitch the ideas to make it a better place.

It also supports a more advanced and modernized world and keeps science at a higher level. It fully believes in justifying everything scientifically and with reasoning.

They are highly advanced but still support the idea to come to a conclusion by understanding and logic rather than getting into combats.

Synedrion faction have advanced technology with skilled drones, powerful aircrafts, and unique weaponry.

The infiltrator class is another unique class of Synedrion which is a stealth class and is a silent apocalypse.

Diplomacy is another key component of this Phoenix Point Factions and Diplomacy guide as you need to interact with the factions and that is done by using the Diplomacy screen in the Geoscape. This screen keeps a record of how the factions presenting towards each other and their attitude towards each other.

When you are completing missions for a faction and responding to them in time and demand of the situation, you are increasing your standing towards that faction.

To get to different thresholds, you need to complete missions for the factions. This gives you advantages for the factions.

  • At an attitude of +25, you see every haven belonging to that faction across the globe.
  • At an attitude of +50, you gain access to a selection of that faction’s unique technologies.
  • At an attitude of +75, you gain full access to that faction’s unique branch of the tech tree.